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Digital Audio version of Ramcharitmanas by All India Radio

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, released the digital audio version of AIR’s popular rendition of ‘Manasgaan’ on 31st August, 2015.

Praising the efforts of the artistes who had contributed to this musical production, the Prime Minister said they had performed not just sangeet sadhna, but also sanskriti sadhna and sanskaar sadhna (devotion not just to music, but also to culture and tradition).

The Prime Minister described the Ramcharitmanas as a great epic which contained the "essence of India." He mentioned how the Indians who had travelled to various parts of the world, such as Mauritius, kept alive their link with India over successive generations, through the Ramcharitmanas.

All India Radio has a long tradition of broadcast of devotional music which listeners find an edifying experience. In fact, people in many parts of the country, wake up listening to it. It is truly said that radio serves as an accompaniment to the rhythms of daily life.

Over the years, AIR has been preserving, in its archives for posterity, choicest fare of devotional music of all faiths rendered by eminent exponents with devotional fervour. This treasure trove of AIR has many precious nuggets which AIR brings out through CDs to help the common man to sing, meditate and, imbibe the values that every religion preaches.

Ramcharitmanas is the latest of such releases. The core of Ramcharitmanas is based on the Ramayana, the Sanskrit epic of Valmiki. His gift to humanity has been a source of solace and strength to generations.

These CDs can be purchased from the sale outlets at all the capital stations of All India Radio.

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