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Doordarshan Circulars

Sr No. Wing Section Order No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Download
281FINANCE WINGFinance Wing28012/10/2018-BIGuidelines on accounting of Flexi Deposit CLTD Account MODS Facility reg2018-11-16Download
282FINANCE WINGFinance WingAdditional budget and fund under OEAdditional budget and fund under OE for procurement of Mobile SIM and still camera2018-11-14Download
283FINANCE WINGFinance Wing20011/9/2018-BIAllocation of additional budget to 101 Kendras units in the head Salary and OAE under Revenue Non Plan IEBR during 2018 19 reg2018-11-13Download
284PROGRAMME WINGProgram Related8/14/2017/P5Announcement for inviting proposals under Sponsored Category in DD Natioanl2018-11-12Download
285ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministration8/14/2017-P5Announcement for inviting proposals under Sponsored Category2018-11-11Download
286ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationOO No. 21 SIDepartmental Promotion Committee Graphic Aritst to Graphic Supervisor2018-11-08Download
287ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationOO No 144/2018/SIII Sh Raghuveer Singh Yadav PEX is taken on strength of DG:DD2018-11-08Download
288ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministration21/2018-S-I ADepartmental Promotion Committee Graphic Artist to Graphic Supervisor2018-11-08Download
289ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationOO No. 144 S 3Shri Raghuveer Singh Yadav PEX taken on strength of DG:DD2018-11-06Download
290ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationIUStatus of outstanding CAG Audit Paras regarding2018-11-05Download

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