Web Based Centralized Monitoring System for MW/FM Transmitters

MW/FM transmitters of All India Radio have been installed at different locations of India .To monitor these transmitters by five zonal offices is very difficult. The Research Department of All India Radio & Doordarshan has developed a Web based centralized monitoring system for remote monitoring of MW & FM transmitters and its auxiliaries. It stores and displays all parameters (binary as well as analog) of transmitter and its auxiliaries.


Transmitters installed at different locations of India communicates to database server via communication link from the server kept at stations. SCU provides parameters of transmitter to server and server then sends all the parameters to database server via communication link.

Fig.1 Block Diagram of Control Unit Setup

System Description:

Centralized Monitoring system is connected to all transmitters through IP network. Server of station sends data to the centralized monitoring system through predefined link on IP network. This data is stored in SQL data base.

Centralized Monitoring system GUI is linked to all transmitters which appear on screen with running power, modulation index and color (red or green) indicators. If red color appears in front of particular transmitter then it means transmitter is running below certain level of power or modulation index. If there is green color then it means transmitter is running properly.

If there is any fault at any station then we have to click that particular station link and we will find all parameters of transmitter in detail for further analysis.

Application Software:

The data base will acquire, and store the data in data base on hard disk automatically for retrieval and analysis.

  • Displaying the transmitter parameters through IP network.
  • Displaying the transmitter status with power, modulation index, color and station link on the computer/mobile screen.

The Monitoring GUI that will appear on the computer /Mobile screen

GUI of main screen in which all the zones are listed.

Zone wise parameter details of transmitters.

Station wise parameter details of transmitter

Low power details of all transmitters in zone

Report for low power of transmitters in zone.

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