Auto Control and Monitoring system of 100W FM Transmitter

Control unit is developed for the remote monitoring and controlling of 100 watt FM transmitter. Initially when FM transmitter is operating smoothly, the control unit will monitor all the parameters (binary, analog and auxillary) and display them in graphical user interface (GUI) hosted in web server. Whenever some fault occurrs or in case of any other event causing non operation of primary transmitter then control unit will issue necessary commands in order to change transmitter from primary to standby transmitter along with parameters related to standby transmitter. Beside this, control unit will also send email regarding non-functioning of transmitter to the concerned officer for further action. System is providing real time transmitted audio stream.

System Description:

Control Unit which is installed at the transmitter end, mainly consist of Arduino board based on a 32-bit ARM core Microcontroller, Relay interface board and Power supply. Fig1 shows the block diagram of control unit setup.

Fig.1 Block Diagram of Control Unit Setup

The transmitter’s both analog and binary parameters are connected to the control unit. The control command is given to the transmitter through the relay by controller itself. Initially both the transmitters (primary and standby) should be in local mode. If primary transmitter fails or forward power is less than 50 Watt then the control unit will issue the switch off command for the primary transmitter, and simultaneously changes the RF switch in position to standby transmitter and switches on the standby transmitter. If standby transmitter also fails, then controller sends the email and SMS to the controlling officer and switches off the power supply of the transmitter unit. Relay and Arduino board are operated through 5 volt dc for its operation. Status of external parameters like humidity, temperature, phase voltage are fed to the controller through the transducers. The transmitter data is displayed on computer monitor/ mobile screen and the same is stored in database running in the back end. The web page GUI (Fig.2) periodically accesses the transmitter data through internet.

Fig.2 Block Diagram of Control Unit Setup

Data communication between the transmitter and control unit is through the serial port (COM) of computer. Further improvement can be introduced by providing ethernet shield board connection to the Arduino board for data transfer and data storage to the server.

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