AIR Tenders

Sr No. Section/ Division NIT No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Last Date Download
141EngineeringENGP-5 KW FM TR Rewa/11 TR/Transportation/2018-19Transportation of 30 KVA Diesel Generator and Ancillary equipments from All India Radio Guna,M.P. to All India Radio, Rewa,M.P.2019-01-092019-01-30Download
142EngineeringENGP-200 KW MW DRM TR Jabalpur Mast- 11TR/ 2018-19 Dated.28/01/2019Miscellaneous Repairs, Strengthening works of self Radiating 200 kW MW Mast at AIR, Jabalpur.2019-01-282019-02-25Download
143EngineeringENGP- Refurbishing of Studio Rewa/11TR/Acoustic Rewa/18-19Acoustic Treatment work at Drama and Music studios of AIR, Studio Site REWA.2019-01-082019-01-29Download
144EngineeringENGP- 10 KW FM TR, Khandawa /11TR/ false ceiling, glass partition etc./18-19Fabrication, supply and fixing of glass partition, false ceiling, Vinyl flooring and supply of LED light fixtures at AIR, Khandwa.2019-01-012019-01-22Download
145EngineeringENGP(300 KW MW DRM TR Rajkot Mast)11 TR/18-19Repair Renovation work of Self Radiating MW Mast at All India Radio Rajkot 2019-01-232019-02-07Download
146EngineeringENGP(200 KW MW DRM TR Ahmedabad Mast)11 TR/18-19Repair Renovation work of Self Radiating MW Mast at All India Radio Ahmedabad2019-01-232019-02-07Download
147EngineeringENGP(100 KW MW TR Jagdalpur Mast)11TR/2018-19Miscellaneous repairs/Strengthening works of self radiating 100kW MW Mast at AIR Jagdalpur Mumbai 2019-02-042019-03-05Download
148EngineeringENGP(100 KW MW TR Jagdalpur MAST)/ 11TR/2018-19Corrigendum-Miscellaneous Repairs/ Strengthening works of Self Radiating 100 kW MW Mast at AIR, Jagdalpur. 2019-01-142019-02-04Download
149EngineeringENGP Digitalization of Studio Raigarh 18 19 Miscellaneous Studio Works at AIR Raigarh 2018-12-172019-01-11Download
150EngineeringENGP Digitalization of Studio AHWA 18 19 Miscellaneous Studio Works at AIR Ahwa 2018-12-172019-01-11Download
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