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Sr No. Office Section/ Division NIT No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Last Date Download
231All India RadioEngineeringEE E-P/PBS Maintenance/2018-19/Corrigendum-SITC of Gas flooding system for server room at 5th Floor Prasar Bharati House Mandi House New Delhi-Balance Work. 2019-01-112019-01-21Download
232All India RadioEngineeringDEL 5(8)2018-19/COPIER/G/4027Tender for comprehensive CSMC/ Repairs of Photocopier Machines at AIR Delhi Station. 2019-01-112019-01-22Download
233All India RadioEngineeringHPT BAM/1(2)/2019/OE/Sweeping and cleaning of entire area of the building and collection of all waste material and its disposal.2019-01-102019-01-30Download
234All India RadioEngineeringEE(E)/Kol/NIT/32 of 2018-19Construction of Academic block for TV excellence phase-I at RSFTI, Kolkata under 12th Plan. Sh-SITC of Non-Essential and UPS panels including service connection. 2019-01-102019-01-15Download
235All India RadioEngineeringBik 1(2)1/2018-19/METP/E/57 to 66Annual repair and maintenance of 2 X 10 TR packaged water cooled AC Plant Units at transmitter AIR Bikaner 2019-01-102019-02-06Download
236All India RadioEngineeringBik 1(2)1/2018-19/METP/E/47 to 56Annual repair and maintenance of 3 X 10 TR packaged water cooled AC Plant Units at studio AIR Bikaner 2019-01-102019-02-06Download
237All India RadioEngineeringADG/E/SZ/PUR/NIT-17/SRMST/2017-18Extension of due date E-Tender enquiry for SETC of Self Supporting Latticed Steel 100 M Tower including provisions of mountings for installation of VHF FM Antenna etc. for FM Station of AIR Suryapet 2019-01-102019-02-04Download
238All India RadioEngineering1 (21) E/2018-19Providing and laying Granite flooring at entrance of office block of All India Radio, Delanipur, Port Blair.2019-01-102019-01-23Download
239All India RadioEngineeringSPECS-100 W FM TX/9/4/2014-D TD/FMRevised Draft SPECIFICATIONS for SETC of 100 W Digital Compatible VHF FM Solid State MOSFET Technology Based Broadcast Transmitter in 1 plus 1 configuration 2019-01-092019-01-18Download
240All India RadioEngineeringHPT BAM/1(2)/2019/MW/EPump operation and plumbing works Electric works at Staff quarters Holiday home and Office and any other works assigned by the authorities at HPT AIR Bambolom Goa. 2019-01-092019-01-29Download

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