NABM Circulars

Sr No. Wing Section Order No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Download
1Engineering WingTechnicalNABM/TC/193787/CI/2019Nominations for the Orientation training programme on general operation and maintance of FM Transmitter for AE SEA EA of Doordarshan, where Doordarshan staff operating co sited installed FM Transmitter of AIR at HPTs LPTs of Doordarshan2019-09-02Download
2Engineering WingTechnicalNABM/TC/193725/CI/2019Call letter for training programme on Computer Networks and Server Administration Essentials for Broadcast Engineers for AE/SEA/EA of All India Radio/ Doordarshan from 16.09.2019 to 27.09.2019 at NABM Delhi.2019-09-02Download
3Engineering WingTechnicalNABM/TC/193716/AO/2019Call Letter for Training Programme on Antenna, ATU and Mast in AIR from 14 to 18 October 2019 (Session No. 193716) for AE SEA EA of AIR at AIR Rajkot2019-08-19Download
4Engineering WingTechnicalNABM/TC/Nom./2018Call for nominations for the courses to be conducted during the quarter October to December -20192019-08-09Download
5Engineering WingTechnicalNABM/TC/193729/AO/2019Nominations for the FM Transmitter(R and S) for DDE/ADE/AE of All India Radio scheduled from 30.09.2019 to 04.10.2019 at NABM Delhi2019-08-09Download
6Engineering WingTechnicalNABM/TC/193727/CI/2019Call letter for “Orientation Course” for Assistant Director ( Engg. ) of All India Radio/Doordarshan from 16-27 September , 2019 at NABM Delhi2019-08-09Download
7Engineering WingTechnicalNABM/TC/193717/AI/2019Nominations for the training programme on 500W Automode LPT(IMP) for AE/SEA/EA of DD rescheduled from 14-18 October, 2019 at NABM Delhi2019-08-08Download
8Engineering WingTechnicalNABM/TC/193785/ORGI/2019Call letter for “Induction Course ” for Directly recruited Officials of Mape Cadre of ORGI from 19th August to 13th September, 2019 at NABM Delhi2019-08-07Download
9Engineering WingTechnicalNABM/TC/193783/AI/2019Call letter for course on Digital Audio Console (Studer) for AE/SEA/EA of AIR from 19-23 August 2019 at NABM Delhi2019-08-07Download
10Engineering WingTechnicalNABM/TC/193715/TI/2019Call letter for training program on “Virtual Studio” for AE/SEA/EAs of Doordarshan from 2nd to 6th September, 2019 at NABM Delhi.2019-08-06Download

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