Sr No. Wing Section Order No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Download
171ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationOFFICE ORDER No. 295/2019-PPCRelieving of Smt Lalita Mohan, PS on deputation basis from Prasar Bharati2019-08-21Download
172ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationA-10011/192019-PPCOFFICE MEMORANDUM reg Applicability for Gratuity to the Prasar Bharati Employees recruited after 05.10.20072019-08-21Download
173ADMINISTRATION WINGContractualOFFICE ORDER No. 294/2019-GAEngagement of Shri Akhilesh Kumar Jah Digital Video Editor in Prasar Bharati Secretariat on full time contract basis2019-08-20Download
174ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationOFFICE ORDER No. 293/2019-PPCTransfer of 2 Assistant Section Officers to GST Cell DG_DDn2019-08-20Download
175ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationOFFICE ORDER NO 292/2019-PPCReporting for duty and posting of Ms. Purnima Kumari PEX at Prasar Bharati Secretariat2019-08-19Download
176ENGINEERING WINGTechnicalNo. 7(163)/2019/IT/PBSIT CIRCULAR regarding Utilization of Cue sheet software2019-08-16Download
177ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationOFFICE ORDER No. 291/2019-PPCRelieving and repatriation of Lt Col Manish Asthana DDG_Security, DG_AIR from Prasar Bharati2019-08-16Download
178ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationCORRIGENDUM for Office Order No. 289/2019-PPCCORRIGENDUM regarding OFFICE ORDER NO 289/2019-PPC dt 16/08/2019 for Relieving of Shri Satyajit Mishra ADG_Prasar Bharati Sports from Prasar Bharati2019-08-16Download
179ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationOFFICE ORDER No 290/2019-PPCNodal CPIO for PB Sectt and CPIOs for IR and Parliament / PBB and GA II2019-08-16Download
180ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationOFFICE ORDER No 289/2019-PPCRelieving and repatriation of Shri Satyajit Mishra ADG_Prasar Bharati Sports from Prasar Bharati2019-08-16Download

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