Sr No. Wing Section Order No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Download
561FINANCE WINGFinance WingOffice Order No 3/2019-IFDWork allocation of Director and Deputy Directors working in IFD, Budget and Accounts Wing of Prasar Bharati2019-11-27Download
562ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationMisc 1001-07-2019-PPC Vol IGrant of MACP of Prasar Bharati employees recruited after 05/10/20072019-11-27Download
563ENGINEERING WINGTechnicalDTH/95/2019/P-VIINew LCN for 07 regional DD Channel on DD Free Dish2019-11-27Download
564FINANCE WINGFinance WingPBS (BnA)/ 18-19/CAS/254Modification to PB Letter dt 26/11/2019 regarding Implementation of e-Salary (Payroll Module) of CAS Software in all offices of Prasar Bharati2019-11-27Download
565ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministrationOFFICE ORDER No. 404/2019-PPCRelieving and repatriation of Shri Ashok Gupta ADG(P) from Prasar Bharati2019-11-26Download
566IT & PPIT9(15)/2019/ITConsolidation of Internet Leased Lines (ILLs) for various offices of Prasar Bharati2019-11-26Download
567FINANCE WINGFinance WingPBS (BnA)/18-19/CAS/253Training of DDOs of Delhi and Mumbai for e-Account Module of Centralized Accounting Software (CAS)2019-11-26Download
568FINANCE WINGFinance WingPBS (BnA)/18-19/CAS/252Implementation of e-Salary (Payroll Module) of CAS Software in all offices of Prasar Bharati2019-11-26Download
569FINANCE WINGFinance WingPBS (BnA)/18_19/CAS/251Implementation of eAccount and eInventory Modules of Centralized Accounting Software (CAS) in all offices of Delhi and Mumbai of Prasar Bharati2019-11-25Download
570RTIAdministrationOFFICE ORDER No 402/2019-PPCRegarding nomination of the CPIOs and First Appellate Authority for PPC, PBRB, Technical matter of Prasar Bharati2019-11-25Download

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