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AIR Broadcast Code

Broadcasting on All India Radio by individuals will not permit the following:

  • Criticism of friendly countries.
  • Attack on religion or communities.
  • Anything obscene or defamatory.
  • Incitement to violence or anything against maintenance of law and order.
  • Anything amounting to contempt of Court.
  • Aspersion against the integrity of the President, Governors and the Judiciary.
  • Attack on a political party by name.
  • Hostile criticism of any State or the Centre.
  • Anything showing disrespect to the constitution or advocating change​ ​in the Constitution by violent means (but advocating changes in a​ ​constitutional way should not be debarred).

Note : While Station Directors would have power to refuse a broadcast​ ​which does not respect the code, a dispute involving a Minister of the​ ​State Government has to be referred to the Minister for Information​ ​and Broadcasting for final decision.