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Doordarshan is an autonomous public service broadcaster founded by the Government of India, which is one of two divisions of Prasar Bharati.It is one of India’s largest broadcasting organisations in terms of studio and transmitter infrastructure, having been established on 15 September 1959. It also broadcasts on digital terrestrial transmitters. DD provides television, online and mobile services throughout metropolitan and regional India, as well as overseas, through the satellite network.

About Doordarshan


Doordarshan – literally, a glimpse of all afar- is the face of and a witness to India’s metamorphosis to a global leader in digital communications.

Interestingly, the illusory cyber paths that crisscross homes and streets and represent the voice a billion-plus Indians today, actually began with a modest experiment in public service telecasting on September 15, 1959. The makeshift studio and its players beamed their voice and visuals through a small transmitter, daring to dream of becoming the prime vehicle of development of a nation that had shrugged off its yoke of slavery just over a decade earlier.

The experiment became a service in 1965, when Doordarshan began beaming signals to reach television sets in living rooms in and around the country’s capital, New Delhi. By 1972, services were extended to Mumbai and Amritsar and then on, to seven other cities by 1975. All this time, it was part of the national broadcaster, All India Radio. On April 1, 1976, it transited to become a separate Department in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, though still serviced by All India Radio, especially for its news.

Since then, the organisation has grown to cover the length and breadth of the country, painstakingly caring for the interest of all linguistic, geographical and cultural groups and promoting social, cultural and educational development of the country though an array of transmitter networks equipped with studios and facilities to produce programmes even in regional languages.

In doing so, the country’s prime television service provider has also become the engine for celebration of its diversity and the iteration of its unity. It has been able to do so because it has no single market to pamper – because it is the harbinger of news and information services to every geographical community, all occupational group and each assemble of interests.

At Doordarshan, engineering blends with creativity to make it a role model as a matrix of genres evolve from a spread of centers, an array of transmissions and hundreds of studios. This fusion of modern digital engineering hardware and the software of a three tier programme service spreads nationally, regionally and even locally.

Over the decades, the results of this melt of engineering and creativity have captivated million who would be glued to television sets to watch anything from news to cricket match telecasts, exhibitions of art, culture and Bollywood to education on the arts and sciences alike, from catering to a vast farming community to catalysing the growth of industry and commerce.

Over the years Doordarshan has grown into a network operating 34 satellite channels besides providing free-to-air DTH service having 104 in its bookings. Indeed, that single studio from its small departmental home in All India Radio has grown into 66 studio centers all over the country, including 17 major studio centers at State capitals and 49 other studio centers located in various cities.

Name Designation Landline No (O) E-mail ID/Twitter
Ms Kanchan Prasad Director General Doordarshan 011-23114599
Vacant E-in-C
Shri Shashi Kant ADG[HR] 23118812
Smt Anuradha Agarwal ADG[NABM] 23114501
Shri Rajesh Jain ADG[HQs] 23097540
Shri Mukesh Kumar ADG(Admn.) 23118810
Shri. A. K.Jha ADG(Platforms, Land Mgt & PB Resources) 23114635
Ms Rakhi Vimal CVO 23114504
Shri S.C.Mishra DDG[Legal] 23114517
Shri Harshit Kumar DDG[F] 23114532
Shri Prakash Veer DDG[Global] 23114502
Shri Lok Man Singh DDG[DD Kisan], CPC 26497358
Shri P S Srivastava DDG[Policy] 23113326
Shri Amit Kumar Director[Content Sourcing] 23114549
Shri R.P.Joshi DDG[IT] 23421049
Shri Surender Singh DDG(A) 23114536
Shri P.P.Shukla DDG[Kashir & DCS) 23114971
Shri Sanjay Prasad DDG[Sales] 24381717
Ms. Ruchi Agarwal DDG (HQ) 23114532
Sh. D. P. Singh DDG(Content Sourcing) 23114420 /
Shri R.A.Warsi DDG(Distribution) [DCD] 23114529
Shri Aditya Chaturvedi DDG[Archives] 23114508
Shri S.A.Tripathi DDG[RTI & P-HR] 23114527
Shri Ashesh Kumar DDA[SIII & SIV] 23114319
Shri. R.S. Chouhan DDA[SII & Cash] 9013515375
Shri Anil Kumar Khurana DDA[Budget] 23114109
Shri Sanjeev Verma DDA[Legal] 23114134
Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jindal DDA[SCOR, SC/ST Cell & Grievance Cell] 23114339

Doordarshan Bhawan
Copernicus Marg, New Delhi-110001