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Bahujan Hitaya; Bahujan Sukhaya

To provide information, education and entertainment, for promoting the welfare and happiness of the masses (Bahujana Hitaya; Bahujana Sukhaya), All India Radio strives to :-

Uphold the unity of the country and the democratic values enshrined in the constitution.

Present a fair and balanced flow of information of national, regional, local and international interest, including contrasting views, without advocating any opinion or ideology of its own.

Promote the interest and concerns of the entire nation, being mindful of the need for harmony and understanding within the country and ensuring that the programmes reflect the varied elements which make the composite culture of India.

Produce and transmit varied programmes designed to awaken, inform, enlighten, educate, entertain and enrich all sections of the people.

Produce and transmit programmes relating to developmental activities in all their facets including extension work in agriculture, education, health and family welfare and science & technology.

Serve the rural, illiterate and under-privileged population, keeping in the mind the special needs and interest of the young, social and cultural minorities, the tribal population and those residing in border regions, backward or remote areas.

Promote social justice and combat exploitation, inequality and such evils as untouchability and narrow parochial loyalties.

Promote national integration.

Serve the rural population, minority communities, women, children, illiterate as well as other weaker and vulnerable sections of the society.