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The general superintendence, direction and management of the affairs of Prasar Bharati are vested in the Prasar Bharati Board, which is headed by the Chairman and comprises of , the Executive Member (Chief Executive Officer), the Member (Finance), the Member (Personnel), six Part-time Members, a representative of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and the Directors General of All India Radio and Doordarshan as ex-officio Members. The Chairman is a Part Time Member with a three year tenure, subject to the age limit of 70 years. The Chief Executive Officer has a tenure of five years, subject to the age limit of 65 years. Member (Finance) and Member (Personnel) are Whole Time Members with a six year tenure, subject to the age limit of 62 years.
The Prasar Bharati Board meets at least 6 times in a year and the meetings are presided over by the Chairman. The Board delegates powers and responsibilities to the Chief Executive Officer who discharges his functions accordingly.

Prasar Bharati Board Members
Previous Board Members

Shri Navneet Kumar Sehgal

Prasar Bharati Board 
Off. Tel.:   011-23118801/231 18802
Previous Chairmen
Shri Gaurav Dwivedi, IAS,
Chief Executive Officer, Prasar Bharati
Mob.      9868255011

Off. Tel.:    011-23118802
email: ceo[at]prasarbharati[dot]gov[dot]in

  Member (Finance)- Additional charge with CEO Off. Tel.:+91-11-23118808
Previous Members
  Member (Personnel) – Additional charge with CEO Off. Tel.:+91-11-23118808 Previous Members
Ms. Neerja Sekhar, Nominated Member,
Prasar Bharati Board, Additional Secretary Ministry of I&B
Mob.   8130521122

Off. Tel.:011-23387558
email: asmib[dot]inb[at]nic[dot]in

Shri Ashok Kumar Tandon,Part Time Member, Prasar Bharati Board Email : ashokkumar.tandon[at]gmail[dot]com
Mob. 09810184735        Res.  011-41630311
Part Time

Shri Sanjay Gupta,
Part Time Member, Prasar Bharati Board
Email : sanjay[at]jagran[dot]com
Mob.  09810070292
  DG AIR, Prasar Bharati Board (Vacant)  

Off. Tel.:  011-23421218
email: dgair[at]air[dot]org[dot]in

DG Doordarshan, Prasar Bharati Board (Vacant) Off. Tel.:+91-11-23118801/02