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 On-going Activities

  • Established in April 1937 with the aim:
    • Carry out Propagation Studies for scientific planning of Broadcasting services in India.
    • Investigate problems pertaining to operation, maintenance and development of broadcasting in India.
    • Research and Development.
    • Paving way for Introduction of latest Technology in Indian Broadcasting.
  • Initially started its activities from Akashwani Bhawan situated at Sansad Marg, New Delhi.
  • In 1965 got its own building at I.P. Estate, Ring Road, New Delhi.
  • Research Department is a four floor building having Research Laboratories & other supporting facilitation.
  • International Monitoring and Receiving Centre at Todapur.
  • Development of Low Cost DTH, DVB-T2 and Customized Radio Receivers.
  • Propagation studies related to DRM, DVB-T2, FM & AM and Satellite Radio and Interferences in Satellite TV.
  • Web Based telemetry system for MW/FM transmitters.
  • Test and Evaluations of Emerging Acoustic Materials.
  • Development of Scalable Video Wall Solutions.
  • 24X7 Broadcast Signal Monitoring of MW,SW,FM and DRM transmissions at IMRC, Todapur, Delhi.
  • Development of High Power FM Antenna.
  • Monitoring of “Doordarshan 25 Must Carry Channels” at various Private Platforms.

Role of R&D

  • To Research & Develop Broadcast equipment for induction in AIR & Doordarshan network.
  • To assist AIR / Doordarshan directorates in the framing of Technical Standards/specifications for broadcast products, services and networks.
  • To evaluate and test broadcast equipment to be introduced in the AIR / Doordarshan Stations / Kendras.
  • To commercially exploit R&D expertise particularly in the area of Acoustics, Propagation studies, Transmitting Antenna, Telemetry and Studio Automation.
  • To investigate operational problems of AIR stations/ Doordarshan Kendras and providing solutions.

Equipment, Systems and Services Introduced in AIR & DD Network

  • M Transmission Manager, Digital Consoles. Audio Routing Switcher, RN Terminal, Test Signal Generation, UHF-TV Transmitting antenna, TV demodulator, Logo Generation, Computer based Sports Score Display System, News Room Automations System, FM Antennas.
  • Synchronization of non Co-sited HF Transmitters, Phone in Programme service, AIR and DD on Internet, Radio On Demand Service, Interactive Radio Service (IRS), Test and Evaluation of acoustic material & transducers.
  • Telemetry system for FM, MW and LPTV Transmitters, AM transmission Manager, Radio News Room Automation system, Low Power FM Antenna, Web based Telemetry system for MW/FM Transmitter, Remote Control and Monitoring of VLPTs, etc.

Who’s Who

Sr No. Name Designation Landline No (O) E-mail ID
1 Mrs. Anuradha Agarwal ADG (E) 23379255
2 Sh. Shabih Hyder DDG (E) 23378501
3 Ms. Navneet Kaur DDG (E) 23379359
4 Sh. Rajesh Babu DE 25841936

Contact Details

Research Department, Prasar Bharati

14-B, Ring Road, IP Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110002