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DD Arun Prabha is the Doordarshan’s second channel for the north-eastern region. The state-owned broadcaster already runs DD North-East, which telecasts entertainment and information-based programmes in Assamese, Bengali, English and other languages of the north-east region. North-east is an area that needs more focus and more attentions, due to such diverse cultures and languages.

Since the eight states in the Northeast region follow multiple languages and dialects and have distinct cultural identities, the idea is to have TV channels in these states that talk to them in their own languages and cater to their respective cultural sensibilities. In fact every state in that region needs a separate channel due to its diversity, DD Arun Prabha is a step in this direction.

DD Arun Prabha will showcase programmes on the diverse culture of the north eastern states and will try to fulfil the aspirations of North East peoples.