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Doordarshan Directorate (Who’s Who)

Name Designation Landline No (O) E-mail ID/Twitter
Shri. Mayank Kumar Agrawal Director General (N&CA) 011-23118801
Shri. C.B.S. Maurya E-in-C 23114502
Shri Ajaya Gupta E-in-C 23114527
Shri. Maneesh Chugh ADG(Admn.) 23114504
Smt. Kalpana Singh ADG(F) 23114533
Shri.Anurag Kulshreshtha ADG(E) 23114514
Shri. Sunil ADG(E) 23114512 /
Shri. P.K.Subhash ADG(P) 23114543
Shri. A.K. Srivastava ADG(P) 23114549
Shri Nandan Kumar ADG 23114534
Shri. Harsh Deep Srivastava CVO 23114508
Shri Mukesh Kumar Garhwal DDG(A-I) 23114526
Lt. Col. Kalyan Das DDG(A-II) 23114536
Col.P.P Rajpurohit DDG (F) 23114542
Shri. M. Venkatesh DDG(DCS) 23114971
Shri. A. K.Jha DDG(E) 23114635 /
Ms. Mitali Chatterjee DDG (IT) 23114930
Shri. J.M.Kharche DDG(E) 23114618
Sh. D. P. Singh DDG(E) 23114420 /
Shri. R.K.Verma DDG(E) 23114412 /
Shri. Manoj Gupta DDG(E) 23114431 /
Shri. Debal Patra Director(F) 23114137
Shri. Satya Prakash JOINT DIRECTOR(HINDI) 23114914
Shri. Vijay Gupta DDA 23114111
Shri. Santosh Kumar DDA 23114338
Shri. R.S. Chouhan DDA 23114920
Dr. Sanjay Kumar DDA 23114109
Shri. Rajesh Kumar Gupta DDA 23114134
Ms. Madhumita Soreng DDA 011-23114339

Doordarshan Circulars

Sr No. Wing Section Order No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Download
1 ADMINISTRATION WING Administration 904/13/2018-Scor-II Seeking Action Plan for Swachhta Pakhwada activities and Publicity Coverage to be undertaken during 2020 2020-07-10 Download
2 FINANCE WING Finance Wing G.20011/5/2020-21BII Allocation of budget under Grant in Aid General to Content Ops and Film Section DG:DD regarding 2020-07-09 Download
3 FINANCE WING Finance Wing G-28012/14/2018-BI Demand of Salary funds by the DDOs/Recommendation of Salary Demand of DDOs by Directorates and Vertical HQs of their DDOs 2020-07-09 Download
4 PROGRAMME WING Program Related NABM/DEL/TV01/2020-21 Inviting Nominations for WEBINAR on- Development Communication 2020-07-07 Download
5 ADMINISTRATION WING Administration 804/1/2020-Scor-II Empanelment of Hospitals/diagnostic centres for Doordarshan offices across India under PBHS 2020-07-06 Download
6 FINANCE WING Finance Wing G-25013/2/2019-BI Recommendation of salary demand of DDOs by Directorate and Verticals HQ of their DDO 2020-07-03 Download
7 TECHNICAL WING Technical DD Free Dish Genre wise list of TV channels available on DD Free Dish w.e.f. 01.07.2020 2020-07-02 Download
8 TECHNICAL WING Technical DD Free Dish Line up for TV and Radio channels on DD Free Dish Platform w.e.f. 01.07.2020 2020-07-02 Download
9 ADMINISTRATION WING Administration A-32013/1/2019/S.III Promotion to the Junior Time Scale of Programme Management Cadre and Programme Production Cadre of Indian Broadcasting Service erstwhile PB-3 Joining report regarding 2020-07-01 Download
10 FINANCE WING Finance Wing G-21011/3/2020-BII Cash Management System in Central Government Guidelines for Expenditure control Q2 July 2020 to September 2020 regarding 2020-06-26 Download


Doordarshan Tenders

Sr No. Section/ Division File No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Last Date Download
1 Engineering (P)TV Notice for inviting Expression of Interest 01/2020-21 2020-07-02 2020-07-30 Download
2 Engineering SD 02/2020 Draft Technical Specifications for High Quality Digital Intercom System for Broadcast TV Production 2020-06-26 2020-07-11 Download
3 Engineering NO. KOL TV/1(2)2020- 21 EQ 01 Renewal of Licence for one Adobe Premier Pro and Creative Cloud all applications with VIP no 3ED40835F2995B37CECA at DDK Kolkata 2020-06-11 2020-07-02 Download
4 Engineering NIT-01/2020-21 NIT-01/2020-21 2020-06-11 2020-07-02 Download
5 Admin DCS-16/GST/HiringCA/17-18/Partfile Cancellation of NIT for hiring of CA Firms for GST related work 2020-05-06 0000-00-00 Download
6 Engineering NO KOL TV/1(2) 2019-20 NIT CAMC AC ARCHIVE EQ 15 Amendment of 3rd Extension for submission of e-Tender of CAMC AC ARCHIVE 2020-05-05 2020-05-26 Download
7 Engineering No KOL TV 1(2) 2019-20 NIT CAMC Mobile NEWS Gathering Unit EQ16 Amendment of 3rd Extension for Submission of E-Tender of CAMC Mobile NEWS Gathering Unit 2020-05-05 2020-05-26 Download
8 Engineering KOL-TV/1(2)2019 20 NIT CAMC Mobile News Gathering Unit EQ 16 3rd Extension of CAMC of Mobile News Gathering Unit (Make: TVU Network Corporation) 2020-04-20 2020-05-06 Download
9 Engineering KOL-TV/1(2)2019 20 NIT CAMC AC ARCHIVE EQ 15 3rd Extention for Submission of E-Tender for CAMC of 02 Nos Precision Air Conditioner (Make STULTZ) 2020-04-20 2020-05-06 Download
10 Admin DCS/20/I/1/GST/2020/Hiring CA Extension of last date in R/o Tender No. DCS/20/I/1/GST/2020/Hiring CA 2020-04-16 0000-00-00 Download

Doordarshan Vacancies

Sr No. Section/ Division Subject/ Particulars Issued/ Published On Last Date Details(in pdf/word)
1 Admin Inviting applications from interested officials for posting to vigilance Wing of Prasar Bharati at Corporate Office in Delhi 2019-09-16 2019-09-25 Download
2 Deputation Filling up one post of Senior Architect in Civil Construction Wing All India Radio Prasar Bharti on deputation basis 2019-04-25 2019-05-13 Download
3 Contractual Invitation of Applications for engagement of Senior Software Developer in Prasar Bharati 2019-04-16 2019-04-24 Download
4 Admin Filling up the 02 anticipated vacancy of Additional Director General Finance on deputation basis in Prasar Bharati 2019-03-22 2019-04-11 Download
5 Deputation Filling up the 06 posts and preparing a panel for vacancies of Deputy Director of Administration on deputation basis in Prasar Bharati 2019-03-12 2019-04-01 Download
6 Deputation Filling up Two posts of Deputy Director General Finance on Deputation basis in Prasar Bharati 2018-12-18 2019-01-07 Download
7 Contractual Notice for Walk-in-Interview for BARC Data Analyst 2018-10-12 2018-10-16 Download
8 Admin Filling the post of Cashier in DG Doordarshan, New Delhi 2018-10-10 2018-11-30 Download


Doordarshan Bhavan,

Copernicus Marg, New Delhi-110001

Ph. No: 011 2338 6537