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About Us- DD India:

Launched in 1995 as DD International, DD India is a free to air satellite English international news channel of Prasar Bharati. The channel was later renamed as DD India. The channel  seeks to become a truly Global Public Broadcaster Channel with unique high-quality content and services.  The channel is covering diversified field including News & Current affairs, foreign affairs, economy, sports and entertainment based programs with focus on international events.  The channel is fast progressing to become an International News Channel of India. The channel  caters  to diverse viewers from across the World including the Indian Diaspora.

In overseas markets of Cable and Satellite Television, there is huge demand for content of India and at the same time, the Public Service Broadcaster considers that there is large scope in the overseas market in terms of utilizing the available platforms in cable and satellite television.

The channel aims to focus around the core global audience according to the time zones. The channel aims to harp on the market oriented formats like LIVE on the spot reporting, investigative journalism, in depth analysis and LIVE telecast of exclusive content apart from being the Host Broadcaster of important national as well as international coverage.