Chennai Doordarshan

launched its Terrestrial Transmission on 15th August 1975. The Channel launched an assortment of interesting and useful programmes catering to Farmers, Industrial Workers, Students, Children, etc. There were some entertainment programmes like Film Songs, Feature Films, Plays, etc. to entertain General Public.

In the initial stages, Terrestrial Transmission of Chennai Doordarshan could reach only a short distance from its origin. To make other parts of Tamil Nadu view Chennai Doordarshan’s programmes technology was utilized. High Power Transmitters and Low Power Transmitters were installed at vantage locations and the transmission reach was expanded to the entire area of Tamil Nadu.

Then came the Satellite Technology. Doordarshan’s Regional Language Satellite Channel Podhigai was started and the programmes were received not only in India but also by many foreign countries.


24 Hour Channel was launched on 15th January, 2000. 

In spite of stiff competition, DD Podhigai continues to command respect and confidence among the Tamil people all over the world because of DD Podhigai’s socially relevant and dignified programmes, not employing the negative tactics used by some of the other Private Channels to increase their TRP in their struggle to earn money.

DD Podhigai continues to be a people’s channel, as the programmes of DD Podhigai caters to all walks of the society be it a farmer, industrial worker, student or a general public.


Significant / milestone programmes currently going on :

(i) Kanmani Poonga : In this programme where young children participate and exhibit their talents.  This also gives an opportunity for them to get information on lot of things and has entertainment segments like story telling, dance and singing.

(ii) Neralaiyil Isai Alai : Budding artists in music are given an opportunity and a platform to exhibit their talents in Classical, Folk and Light Music.

(iii) Mangaiyar Cholai : This programme discusses the problems of women, bring out their talents to forefront and discuss the ways out for empowerment of women.

(iv) Isaiyum Isaiyum : It is programme on renowned and veteran musicians who have contributed for the carnatic and other classical forms of music.  They share their experiences in this Chat show with our viewers.

(v) Phone-in LIVE Programmes : Phone-in LIVE programmes were telecast daily on Agriculture, Health, Education, Constitution of India and Women Empowerment.

(vi) Live  programme (Makkal Medai- current affairs) was telecast on weekdays. 

(vii) Vazhikatti, a programme which highlights our Hon’ble  PM’s schemes was telecast  during weekdays.