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You are encouraged to use the online feedback form to send us your valuable comments and suggestions
as well as any queries about our shows / serials / any other program that you may have watched.
You may also email your queries / feedback / suggestions to feedback[at]ddkmumbai[dot]org
Kindly contact the Response Team on +91 (0)22 2493 8444 / 4672 / 2498 8050
and let us know your feedback /views /comments on Shows.
We look forward to your feedback today.

Name Email Contact
Mr. Neeraj Agrawal – ADG(P) adgcwr[at]gmail[dot]com 022-24938444
Smt. Shipra Manaswita – DDG(E) ddg[dot]ddkmumbai[at]gmail[dot]com 022-24938484Mr.

Contact information for News, DDK Mumbai.
Name & Designation
Contact Details
Sh. Nana Meshram
Deputy Director (News)
NEWSROOM 022-24940357

Doordarshan Kendra, P.B.Marg,
Worli, Mumbai, India
400 030

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