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Uttar Pradesh is the rainbow land where the multi-hued Indian Culture has blossomed from times immemorial. Blessed with a variety of geographical land and many cultural diversities, Uttar Pradesh, has been the area of activity of historical heroes like – Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Ashoka, Harsha and Mahatma Gandhi. Rich and tranquil expanses of meadows, perennial rivers, dense forestland fertile soil of Uttar Pradesh have contributed numerous golden chapters to the annals of Indian History. Dotted with various holy shrines and pilgrims places full of joyous festivals, it plays an important role in the politics, education, culture, industry, agriculture and tourism of India. The heartland of agrarian activities Uttar Pradesh is not only known for its rich glorious past but also it has contributed in the making of modern India.  Lucknow Doordarshan the 7th Kendra came on the television map of the country on 27th of November 1975. Since its inception the Kendra has made significant contribution to accelerate socio-economic development and in promoting national integration & communal harmony, art & craft, artistic & cultural activities, games & sports etc. in the state. Being a Public Broadcaster it strives to carry messages in its Programmes on means of information technology, population control & family welfare, preservation of environment & ecological balance, highlighting the need of social welfare measures for women, children & less privileged.  The Kendra always endeavours to put forth innovative programmes for sensitizing scientific spirit and hygienic temper amongst the public apart from to entertain them. However, the following spectrum revealed the features of the Kendra in a nutshell.

  • Most effective educator in North-India.
  • Leading Communicator in Hindi heartland.
  • Doordarshan is the only choice in rural Uttar Pradesh.
  • Extensive footprint area 2,36,286 square Kilometres.
  • Covers more than total area and 100% population of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Patron of Folk Tradition, Culture and performing arts of U.P.
  • Committed to Rural Development and Public Health.
  • Most effective and popular counsellor to farmers.
  • Technology driven with State-of-the Art.
  • Spreading awareness towards Government’s developmental programmes to grass root level.
  • Informing and educating to the people with infotainment Programmes.
  • Nodal Agency for Hindi teaching scheme, Government of India.
  • Coordinating amongst Doordarshan Kendra PGF of UP.  U.P. lives in the villages with the fact that approximate 3/4th of its population resides there. The most populous state of the country has thick base of DD Free Dish.

The Beginning:

On 27th November’1975 the foremost voice aired from this Kendra namely Ms. Pritmapuri (Announcer) with the shehnai recital from Ustad Bismillah Khan under the leadership of Sri Manzur-ul-Amin Khan who also hold the honour of first Director of the Kendra.

The Awards:

In-House Serial ‘O BHAIRAVI’ of the Kendra adjudged 2nd Best under DD-Award. 2001
The Best Graphic production DD Award to DDK: Lucknow. 2002
Best Maintained Center DD Award to this Kendra. 2003
In-house Magazine ‘Drishti Srishti Patrika adjudged 2nd Best I & B Award.’ 2003
Best Animation DD Award for this Kendra. 2003
The Best Doordarshan Kendra DD Award 2006
The Best Audience Research Report presentation DD Award. 2006
Best Innovative Programme DD Award ‘हस्तछाया  का अद्भुत का संसार  2007
Best Regional News Unit DD Award 2007
The certificate of merit awarded to the Kalyani-I Programme on T.B. awareness under DD annual Award scheme. 2007
The in-house Journal ‘दृष्टि सृष्टि’  adjudged as the 2nd best amongst the 22 entries by T.O.L.I.C., Lucknow. 2008
The house journal ‘दृष्टि सृष्टि’  adjudged as the Best Magazine amongst DD-Kendra’s across the country. 2008
DG: Doordarshan conferred 1st prize to the in-House magazine ‘दृष्टि सृष्टि’  amongst DDK’s across the country. 2008
DD Award for the Best Promo ‘सबके मन को भाती है’    under kalyani. 2008
DD Award for the Best Programme (kalyani-II). 2010
Honour of Merit awarded to documentary ‘मौसम से लड़ता आम’ in Asia Pacific Broadcast Union Malaysia. 2010
In House Hindi magazine “दृष्टि सृष्टि” awarded by TOLIC(Town official language implementation committee) 2014
In House Hindi magazine “दृष्टि सृष्टि” awarded 3rd best official language magazine  by TOLIC(Town official language implementation committee) 2015


Inauguration of Lucknow TV Transmitters (27th Nov’ 1975) 1975
The foremost voice aired by Lucknow TV transmitter Pratima Puri (Announcer) (27th Nov’ 1975) 1975
First play produced and by the Kendra entitled ‘SAVA SER GEHOON/सवा सेर गेहूँ’ based on the story by Munshi Prame Chand. 1976
The very first Telefilm produce by this Kendra for rural audience      ‘CHAKRAPUR KA CHAKRADHAR/चककरपुर का चक्रधर’ ‘Ek Gaon Ki Kahani/एक गाँव की कहानी‘ and for general audience   ‘KATAV’. 1976
The first documentary produce by the Kendra entitled ‘RAZA LIBRARY-ELMO-DANISH KA MARKAZ/इल्मों दानिस का मरकज’.    1977
Foremost humorous series of this Kendra entitled ‘BANDHU JEE/बन्धुजी’.  1978
The first and foremost puppet serial produced and aired by this Kendra entitled ‘AKKAR-BAKKAR/अक्कड़-बक्कड़’. 1980
First Lucknow Doordarshan serial on ‘National Hook-up’ ‘BIBI NATIYON WALI/बीबी नातियोंवाली’. 1984
Telecast of first sponsored serial by the Kendra entitled ‘NEEM KA PED/नीम का पेड़’. 1991
Foremost graphic based TV serial entitled ‘HATIM TAI/हातिमताई’.  1992
Start of Regional State Networking (19.10.1993) 1993
Election analysis of U.P. Assembly pool 1996 by this Kendra and that too for the first time in Doordarshan history.  1996
Smooth coverage & telecast ‘KUMBH MELA/कुम्भ मेला’ simultaneously form Lucknow, Prayagraj and New Delhi. It is worth mentioning that each days coverage’s made in ‘Film Mode’ as such-u-matic facilities were not introduced in Doordarshan till then. 1997
Live telecast of Shri Krishna Janam-Ashatami celebration at Mathura. 1997
Coverage of ‘Maha Kumbh’ 98/महाकुंभ’98 at Haridwar, the last of this century. 1998
UP Satellite Link (01.04.2000)  2000
Start DD-News Channel (20.08.2000) 2000
First fully automated News Room of North India (15.08.2005) 2005
First fully automated News Room of North India (15.08.2005) 2005
Coverage of Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Twenty-20 Cricket Match at Amethi. 2009
Under Katha Sarita project Kendra organized exhibition of Telefilms before invited audience and eminent film personalities & Littérateurs. 2009
A grand painting competition under Katha Sarita project Kendra organized exhibition of Telefilms before invited audience and eminent film personalities & Littérateurs.  2009
सृजन (शुभकामना पत्र बनाओ प्रतियोगिता) organized at Kendra in which thousands of children participated and Honourable Governor of U.P. Shri B.L. Joshi also spent their valuable time amongst them and conferred award to them too. 2009
To sensitize health programme viewers club named, Kalyani Club coordinators two day work shop-cum training programme has been organized at Hotel Deep Palace. 2009
To memorize birth anniversary of eminent litterateur Shri Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’ a Telefilm “कुली भाट ” was aired. 2009
A very old form of Urdu Poetry singing competition “चहार बेंत” organized which is on the verge of extinction.  2010
A special documentary entitled “थार से तराई तक” was beamed to depict life style of Tharoo Tribals. 2010
To promote folk-lore and strengthen bond with the viewers of Bundelkhand, Cultural fair entitled “स्ललित रंग” was organized at Lalitpur. 2011
A historic coverage of Kumbh Mela Prayagraj which is considered the largest gathering on the earth. 2013
In House Hindi magazine “दृष्टि सृष्टि “ awarded by TOLIC(Town official language implementation committee)  2013
DD Lucknow became 24 hours Channel DTH platform w.e.f. 19.08.2013 2013
TOLIC(Town official language implementation committee) awarded 5th position award for best official language promotion effort on 30.01.2014 2014
In House Hindi magazine “दृष्टि सृष्टि “ awarded 3rd best official language magazine  by TOLIC(Town official language implementation committee) 2015
DD Sports Club own MEDIA Cup, a prestigious cricket tournament organized by media units of Lucknow at 19th March’2015 2015
First sponsored serial “क्योंकि जीना इसी का नाम है” started on RLSS at 15th January’2015 2015
Poetry recitation programme “वंस मोर” started on 17.09.2017. 2017
DD UP samman/सम्मान 2018 was conferred to seven eminent personalities who has worked in different areas of agriculture, medicine, environment, literature and music on 24th March’2017. 2017
LIVE telecast of “Charaiveti-charaiveti” Sanskrit version of the Biography of Shri Ramnaik, Governer Uttar Pradesh on 26.03.2018 2018
Inauguration of Health programme “Mission Health/मिशन हैल्थ  ” fully sponsored by NHM UP 2018
Raj bhasha sammelan of Doordarshan Kendra(North Zone) was organized at Lucknow at 29 August’2018 2018
Mega audition of film music programme “Singing Star of UP” was held at Prayagraj on 05 September’2018 2018
Three month Kumbh mela was held at Prayagraj. A wide coverage was undertaken from tent city of Kumbh Prayagraj 2019
A programme based on foundation stone ceremony of Shri Ram Temple at Ayodhya was telecast on 04.08.2020 2020