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The phenomenal growth achieved by All India Radio through decades has made it one of the largest media organizations in the world. Today AIR reaches out to 99.18% of the population spread over about 91.85% of the area through 262 broadcasting Centres. The inception can be traced back to the enforcement of the Telegraph Act on October1, 1885. Major landmarks of broadcasting are as below:

Year Date Milestone
1923 June Broadcast of programmes by the Radio Club of Bombay.
1923 November Calcutta Radio Club put out programmmes.
1924 31-Jul Broadcasting Service initiated by the Madras Presidency Radio Club.
Year Date Milestone
1930 1-Mar IBC went into liquidation.
1930 1-Apr Indian State Broadcasting Service under Department of Industries and Labour commenced on experimental basis.
1935 March Post of “Controller of Broadcast“ innstituted.
Year Date Milestone
1941 24-Oct AIR came under the Department of I&B.
1942 1-Jan Akashvani Mysore was taken over by Maharaja of Mysore.
1946 23-Feb AIR came under the Department of Information & Arts.
Year Date Milestone
1952 20-Jul First National Programme of Music broadcast from AIR.
1953 29-Jul National Programme of Talks (English) commenced from AIR.
1954 First Radio Sangeet Sammelan held.