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Program Sourcing in AIR


The content generated and broadcast over All India Radio is 100% in-house production. AIR contents and formats for radio have evolved over the years in accordance with popular aspirations and felt needs of society. Rooted in typically distinct cultural setting and being influenced by the modernizing social tradition with host of factors such as adoption of new techniques of development, creation and strengthening of democratic institutions at grass root level , increasing migration in search of new avenues of prosperity has its impact on formats of broadcast emerging and evolving under social requirement with the urge for change.

Thorough planning is done in finalizing the content structure, formats and production skills to be employed to suit the communication needs of both the broadcaster and audience to whom they are intended to be communicated.

There are two broad categories of programmes broadcast on All India Radio: the Spoken Word and Music certain programmes are also devised to include both Spoken Words items as well as Music in one composite format in order to create a variety to attract and impress the listeners of different age, sex, social strata and so on. These are popularly known as special audience programme like Educational Broadcast for students, Farm & Home programme for farmers, Rural programme for Rural Masses, Women’s programme, Children programme and Youth programme.

Apart from special audience programmes, there are programmes which contain a variety of Spoken Word and Music items not specifically devised or targeted to special audience but are intended for general masses. These are called variety programmes.

The popular spoken word programmes are Talk, Interviews, Discussion, Group Discussion, Radio Play, Docu-Drama, Documentaries Features, News, News Analysis, Sport Casting, Talk Show, Quiz etc.

The two important format of Music are Vocal and Instrumental.

National Progammes and other Special Broadcast- The concept of National Programme came into being for presenting the upcoming and best in our cultural heritage to the listeners of the whole country.

Besides National Programme of Talks in Hindi and English, Music (Hindustani & Carnatic) there are quite a few other programmes which are broadcast on National Hook –Up for regional listeners. These include National Programme of Regional and light music, Sports Magazines and other National Magazine programme like Sahitya Bharati,Chitra Bharati,Vigyan Bharati and Yuva Bharati.

Mann Ki Baat- It is a matter of pride for AIR that despite being active on Internet and Social Networking websites, the Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi chose the public broadcaster for its mass reach and penetration in the remotest parts of the country where there are areas devoid of Internet connection .

National Symposium of Poets- Introduced in the year 1956, National Symposium of Poets (Sarva Bhasa Kavi Sammelan) is an annual event held by the public service broadcaster in which eminent poets from different languages participate. The poetic transliteration in Hindi is also rendered of each poem, this is broadcast on the eve of Republic Day. The beauty of the events lies in its simultaneous broadcast in all the 22 Indian languages recognised in the Constitution of India.

Broadcast to the Nation by President, Vice President & Prime Minister and other Important Broadcast-

Broadcast to the Nation by President and Prime Minister and Commentary on celebration of Republic Day and Independence Day at National Capital is originated by AIR Delhi and relayed by other stations.

There are several other important programme broadcast on National Hook-Up and relayed by other AIR stations ,which include President’s address to the Joint session of Parliament and Budget Speech by Union Finance Minister in Parliament.