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RTI Circular

Section Order No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Download
RTI 904/51/APIO/RTI/2023-24 Regarding RTI Fee 21-09-2023
RTI R-5/011/08/2021/RTI Regarding status update on RTI Matters in the 110th Meeting of the Management Committee on 08.12.2021 26-05-2022
RTI R-5/011/125/2021/RTI CIC’s Order dated 17.12.2021 passed in the matter titled Sh. Vijay Keerthi Vs CPIO, PB 25-03-2022
RTI R-5/011/016/2022/RTI Sending replies in respect of RTI applications as per CIC directions- Ref-CIC order in r/o Sh. Anil Kumar Joshi vide file no. CIC/PBSEC/A/2020/121840 Dt. 18.01.2022 23-03-2022
RTI PBCA/RTI/Vmohanreddy-II/CIC/Notice/2021 CIC’s Order dated 30.12.2021 passed in the matter titled V. Mohan Reddy Vs CPIO, PB. 28-01-2022
RTI R-5/011002/2022/RTI Information sought under RTI ACT 2005 18-01-2022
RTI R-5/011/109/2021/RTI CIC order in Second Appeal no. CIC/DGDOR/A/2019/102235 dt. 24.06.2021 in the matter of Muhammed Shamseer, M.P 25-10-2021