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Information Technology


IT Division earlier known as EDP Cell, established in the late 80s at AIR Headquarters, started its activities mainly in DOS and Windows environment.  Today it has a mini Data centre in heterogeneous environment having platforms like Solaris, Linux, Windows etc. and a Local Area Network at the Headquarter.  IT Division acts as a hub for Computerisation and IT activities at AIR network.


Prime activity of IT Division is planning for the Computerisation of AIR Stations/offices for information exchange and e-governance, introduction of new interactive computer based services and software development etc. It is also responsible for maintenance of LAN set up, Servers, Computer Systems and other IT equipment at AIR Headquarter.


Major Services run by IT Division are:


v      AIRNET- Extranet site of AIR

v      AIR Mail- Web based email service

v      Software Development

v      Documentation center

v      LAN and Mini Data Centre at AIR Headquarter

v      IVR Services – New-on-Phone





The information exchange corporate-wide network, exclusively for use of AIR is being fully maintained and administered by IT Division. ‘AIRNET’ network enables the information exchange between various units and help the management in fast retrieval of the information/ data, even remotely. This network is accessible through Internet.



AIR Mail


A web based email system is being used by All India Radio staff. With this email facility, all the stations along with users at AIR Headquarter have been provided with the corporate email accounts for effective communication.




Software Development


IT Division is involved in developing the software applications in-house as well as through out-sourcing as per the requirements of AIR. The main software applications are as given below:


On- Line Processing Software 

AIR Information system - All India Radio, with its wide network, has more than 300 stations / offices, spread across the country.  Latest updated information about the facilities, including infrastructure, available at these stations are best known to the stations themselves. The software allows each station to update latest information in a centralised Database, located in Directorate, by accessing it on-line after proper authentication.



Audience Research Feedback System - Gathering feedback from the audience has become an important tool for the market strategists and policy makers. The application allows each Audience Research Unit of AIR to feed latest survey data in a centralised database, located in Directorate, by accessing it on-line after proper authentication. These Units can view/generate reports of their respective station.  Consolidated reports can be generated at the Directorate.



Court Case Management System - It’s an online web-based software to manage the Court Cases’ information. AIR Stations, Sections at AIR Directorate, CCW etc, can access this software. The software has multilevel accesses support. Using this software, information like Pending Court cases, contempt cases, Cases to be Implemented, Disposed cases, Advocate wise, Jurisdiction wise, subject wise reports can be prepared.



Royalty Payment System - All AIR stations broadcast songs, producer wise details of these songs are complied and sent to AIR Directorate for payment of royalty to the producers. With the help of web-based software the station can directly feed these details on website and bills can be generated instantly.


Stand alone Software - The following stand alone software applications are being used in AIR Network:

1. Library Management Information System (LMIS)

2. Artist Booking System (ABS)

3. Window based Budget Management Software

4. Windows based software for Payroll

5. Royalty Payment software

6. Commercial Billing & Scheduling System

7. Artist Payment Accounting System

8. Proforma Accounts

9. Processing SACFA clearance applications


Documentation center


Various reports / handouts are required to be prepared by AIR Headquarter for submitting to senior officers / Prasar Bharati Board / Ministries.  Very often senior officers are asked to prepare presentation on various subjects to be presented to higher authorities.  Broadcast coverage maps are also required to be prepared for analysis of transmission coverage.  For carrying out these activities in a professional way, number of sophisticated equipments such as colour printer, heavy duty black and white photocopier, high resolution scanner, digital camera, camcorder, data projector, over head projector and tools for binding, cutting, lamination, spiral, hard binding etc are available in DOC. centre.




LAN and Mini Data Centre at AIR Headquarter


LAN and Mini Data Centre at AIR HQ is being administered and maintained by IT Division. A few servers like Web server, e-Mail server, Gateway server, Database Server etc. have been deployed in heterogeneous platforms. Firewall and gateway based centralized virus protection is also deployed to ensure the security of the setup. In the future having Blade server technology, virtualization of servers, storage consolidation, and unified server infrastructure management; on demand computation and many more new technologies will strengthen this infrastructure.



IVR Services - News-on-Phone:


AIR news highlights can be accessed on any type of telephone, at any time and from anywhere in the world In this service, the news highlights are recorded in computer server and any listener can dial to this AIR news server for listening to the news headlines.. The service uses digital ISDN PRI lines and is available on following short codes/locations:


1258 and 1259: Delhi & Mumbai

125800 and 125900: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Imphal, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna, Raipur, Simla, Thiruvananthapuram





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