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Rozgar Se Kamyabi Tak | रोज़गार से कामयाबी तक | Packaging Technology | DD Urdu | Sept 24, 2022

Guftgoo || Famous Actor Arjun Firoz Khan

Paisa Bolta Hai | पैसा बोलता है | DD Urdu | Recurring Deposit Scheme | Jan 16, 2022

Guftgoo || Famous Actor Nikitin Dheer

Guftgoo || Virender Sharma || International Cricket Umpire

Duniya Mere Aage || Strategic Imperatives Of Indian Foreign Policy

Duniya Mere Aage- PM’s Saudi Arab visit India Saudi Relations

Guftgoo || Playback Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy

Guftgoo || Akhilendra Mishra

About Us

DD Urdu is a round-the-clock infotainment channel of the Doordarshan family. It was launched on 15 August, 2006 to preserve and promote the great cultural heritage of Urdu language & India.  Right from its inception, the channel has been spreading its aesthetic sweetness, It provides its viewers with profound content in Urdu language. Urdu has been a language of Heart beats across the boundaries and a blend, containing Hindi and colloquial dialects, thereby making it a Language of Every One. So, now, Urdu Admirers are the Proud Patrons of a Universal Language.

Most Popular Programs:-

Yeh Hai India: A current affairs programme on Indian socio-economic and developmental issues. Discussing the achievements of government policies i.e. ‘towards the vision of building new India’ and mantras of ‘Minimum government, maximum governance’ by covering the success stories of ‘Farmers Welfare’, Easing lives of citizens, Women-led development, Development of all and giving wings to youth.
Schedule: Every Sunday at 8:30 PM and Every Mondays at 12:30 PM.

Apna Mulk Apna Aeen: Apna Mulk Apna Aaeen is an interview/Discussion based programme which covers Legal Issues, Laws and Human Rights. In this programme we invite Legal Experts like Supreme Court Senior Advocates and Human rights Experts. This is the only programme in Doordarshan which deals with legal Matters and is being produced by DD Urdu. The basic aim of the programme is to create awareness of the our constitutional Rights among the Citizens of India. In this special program, we will also introduce you to your law, what are your rights, how can you get justice and what are the provisions made by the government to help you. We will be with the experts of the legal world who will solve your problems.

Rozgar Se Kamyabi Tak:  Rozgaar Se Kamyabi Tak is a weekly career oriented series of DD Urdu which creates awareness amongst youth about the emerging  career options for them. In this prog we inform them about the available jobs and admission opportunities in different sectors too. We have also a segment titled Kamyaab Hindustan in the same prog in which we do an interview with a prominent personality so that our young generation can be inspired from their journey. Overall it consists of four segments wherein youth is being guided in deferent ways.

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