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About Doordarshan News and DD India (DD News and DD India)
DD News and DD India are two news channels of Prasar Bharati, India’s Public
Service Broadcaster. Both News Channels are operational on a 24×7 basis to
bring to the people of the country and viewers abroad, news and current affairs
programs in Hindi and English languages respectively. These channels have been
successfully discharging their responsibilities by providing balanced, fair,
accurate and authentic news without sensationilism. This practice has resulted in
DD News network becoming the nation’s most trusted news channel as per
various surveys (Reuters Institute 2022, CSDS).

DD News is currently producing news content in Hindi, Sanskrit and Sign
languages. The channel broadcasted over 18 hours of LIVE transmission
including telecast of more than 30 news bulletins in aforesaid languages. The
channel telecast daily current affairs programs and special shows on Sports,
Health, Youth issues, Cinema, Art & Culture, flagships schemes, Ground Reports,
international events etc in addition to regular news bulletins and prime time
shows. The channel also produces and telecasts special DD Conclaves from time
to time on important occasions and during electoral processes in various states
from ground zero.

DD News Network also takes pride in live broadcasting entire Republic day
parade on Kartavya Path every year. Also as a public service broadcaster the
channel has been fulfilling its responsibilities in coverage of constitutional
dignitaries and institutions such as the President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of
India, Election commission of India and helping disseminate information to wider
public domestic or abroad regarding their events/activities and programs.
DD India has been started as a News and Current Affairs channel to showcase
Indian story at the global level. The channel migrated to High Definition Platform
in the month of October 2020. The DD India channel has now been recognized by
BARC as an English News Channel and is constantly competing neck and neck
with other top private English News channel. The channel broadcasted live Yoga
events organized from across more than 180 countries on International day of
Yoga 2022 through special program named Guardian Ring.
News Wing of DD News is also producing news content for its sister channels i.e.
DD Urdu and DD Sports.

DD News has 31 functional Regional News Units / Bureaus which are
broadcasting over 145 news bulletins in more than 22 languages/dialects with a
consolidated more than 50 hours of daily telecast of bulletins and programmes.
RNUs besides producing regional news also cater to DD News and DD India in
Reporting, Visual feeds & Special Programming. All States have a Regional News
Unit (RNU), except Sikkim. Jammu and Kashmir has 2 RNUs, while there is one
in Leh for Ladakh UT. Over 900 stringers are working for the DD News Network,
across the country in all districts covering the entire length and breadth of the

Keeping in line with the recent developments in the field of digital/social media,
DD News/DD India network has been able to establish its strong presence across
digital space through its website and other social media platforms be it Twitter,
Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, catering to millions of followers with authentic
news developments on real time basis. Through its vast presence across social
media platforms DD News/DD India network has been contributing in countering
fake news in digital space by instant dissemination of fact based information
across social media platforms.

DD News Twitter Handles: and
DD News You Tube: //
DD News Instagram:
DD India Twitter:
DD India YouTube: https: and
DD India Instagram:

S.No. Name Designation Landline No (O) E-mail ID
1. Ms.Priya Kumar  Director General 23097601 
2. Shri S. Vadivazagan DDG(E) 23097618 
3. Shri Anurag Jain Director (Assignment) DD News 9871579974
4. Sh. Pankaj Pandey Director(News) 9891926898
5. Sh.A. K. Pathak Director (Engg.) 23097662
6. Sh. Anshuman Mishra Director(News) 9958586459
7. Sh.Arvind Kumar Jain Director(News) 9654086465 
8. Ms. Parvathy Rahul Joint Director (Admn. , DD India & Social Media) 8826853547
9. Shri Ramesh Singh Chouhan DDA, DDNews 9013515375
10. Sh. Narendra Kumar Pandurang Vispute Deputy Director (News), DD News 9969048491
11. Sh. Umesh Sadashivrao Ujgare Deputy Director (News), DD News 9833888473
12. Sh.Akhlesh Kumar Sharma Dy. Director (HR/Coord.) 9990240279
13. Sh.Ritesh Choudhary Dy. Director ( DD India) 23097625
14. Sh.Nitin Nilkant Sapre Deputy Director (News) 9869375422 
15. Shri Amandeep Yadav Deputy Director(Assignment) 9910154399
16. Ms.Athira Thampi Deputy Director (News) 23097630
17. Sh.Sanjay Pratap Singh Deputy Director (News) 9838897714
18. Sh.Vinod Shankar Bairwa Deputy Director (News) 9414607759
19. Ms. Ekta Khatri Deputy Director (News) 9999772974
20. Ms. Anjana Unnikrishnan Deputy Director (Assignment & VVIP Coverage) 9447374954
21. Shri Vasanth Meshach. J Deputy Director (Social Media)  9444367178
22. Sh.Ajay Sharma Deputy Director (Engg.)  9013496085
23. Ms. Ismeet Kaur Assistant Director (HR) Assistant Director (News)
24. Ms.Manupriya Assistant Director (DD India) 8376929244
25. Sh. Jairaj Kishore Assistant Director 

(Social Media) 

26. Sh. Sunil Bhatt HOP (DD News and DD India) 9013370280 
27. Sh. Vinod Kumar DDO 9868121624
28. Administration Section 23097606
29. Accounts Section 23097622
30. RNU Section 23097656
31. Assignment Desk

(DD News and DD India)


RNUs OFFICE LIST as on 08.01.2024
S.No. Name of RNU State Name & Designation of Head of RNU Designation Mobile E-mail address
1. Agartala Shri Kunal Shinde Assistant Director & RNU Head 09987399377
2. Ahmedabad Sh. Dharmendra Tewari Director(News) & RNU Head 09426513964
26852073 (fax)
samacharahmedabad@gmail. com
Shri Utsav Parmar Deputy Director (News) 09428520685
Shri Nishith Joshi News Editor 09427690336
3. Aizawl Shri Nampi Marinmai Joint Director 08076002809
Shri C Vanlalsiama Prog. Executive 8787554330
4. Bengaluru Shri Keshav Murthy Deputy Director (News) @ RNU Head 9448490242
& 23336040 (o)
/ 080-23333990 (F)
Shri Yashwant M S Deputy Director (News) 09449813477 Additional charge with RO CBFC
Shri George Mathews Deputy Director (News) 09447385230
Shri Shahid T Komath Assistant Director
09447067629 Additional charge with DPD
Ms. Madhu M News Editor 09880087597
5. Bhopal Ms. Pooja P. Vardhan Director (News) & RNU Head 09589943350
0755-2661202 poojapvardhanbhopal@gmail.c om
Shri Abhishek Kumar Deputy Director (News) 9711780773
Shri Shrikanth Sukumar News Editor 07692836599
6. Bhubaneshwar Shri Rameshwar Nayak Deputy Director 08895294086
Shri Sudarsan Sahoo News Editor 9692434667
Shri Padmalochana Pradhan News Editor 09692053757
Mrs. Rizwana Akhtar TVANC 099383-64002
7. Chandigarh Ms. Akansha Saxena Assistant Director (News) & RNU Head 09888882888
Shri Gaurav Patwal News Editor 9650749245
8. Chennai Sh. Gurubabu Balaraman Director & Head of RNU 09445692016
044-25365992 m
Shri Jaya Singh Dy. Director (News) 9444450027
Shri T Shanmugam Dy. Director (News) 7904660654
Ms. S Thanmozhi Dy. Director (News) 9600101499
9. Dehradun Shri Sanjeev Sundrial News Editor & RNU Head 08171205545 m
10. Dibrugarh Ms. Subina Roy News Editor & RNU Head 9968723018
11. Guwahati Shri Ankur Lahoty Deputy Director & RNU Head 08377954016
Fax- 0361-
Shri Maruf Alam News Editor 07838804503
Shri Santanu Rawmuria News Editor 09958714855
12. Hyderabad Shri Rahul Gowlikar Joint Director & RNU Head 09871961649
040-27038753 surekha.aitabathula9@gmail.c
Ms. D Suprasanthi Devi Deputy Director 7032423900
Shri M Srinivas News Editor 9177168999
Shri A Srinivas News Editor 9493585669
13. Imphal Sh. Ibomcha Sharma Assistant Director & RNU Head 09402678759
Shri N Nando Singh News Editor 9436030597
14. Itanagar Shri Rakesh Doley Correspondent Addl charge 09954545374
15. Jaipur Ms. Manju Meena Dy. Director (News) & RNU Head 9414051285
Shri Murari Lal Gupta Assistant Director (N) 9414061219
16. Jalandhar Ms. Gagandeep Kaur Deputy Director & RNU Head 9417259904
17. Jammu Shri R K Raina Deputy Director (News) & RNU Head 9419180842
Fax 0191-
Shri Vivek Pathak Assistant Director 09990495392
18. Kohima Sh. Ngathingpei Khayi News Editor & RNU Head 094360 01671
(Fax)0370- 2227008
19. Kolkata Ms. Sujata Mitra Deputy Director 9477107720
Ms Pinaki Sarkar News Editor 09143716635
Dr. Pompi Sharma Roy Chowdhari News Editor 09231500829
20. Leh Muzafar Hussain Wani News Editor 07862991234
21. Lucknow Ms. Gargi Malik Jt. Director (News) & RNU Head 09435492635/ 07080152247
Shri Syed Arif Hussain Rizwi Deputy Director 9839073864
Shri Rajeev Kumar Chaturvedi Assistant Director 07985842402
Shri Amit Kumar
News Editor 09999647111
22. Mumbai Shri Sidharth B Bodke Director (News) & RNU Head 09869260989
Ms. Manisha H Prakash Deputy Director 09870007043
Ms. Sangeeta Godbole Deputy Director 08149288268 9834099517
Ms. Bharti Bhavasar News Editor 08108474834
23. Panaji Shri Raviraj Saratape Deputy Director & RNU Head 09971838028
0832 – 2223301
/ 2220159
Fax- 0832 –
2220158 /
24. Patna Shri Syed Salman Haidar Deputy Director (News) & RNU Head 9471000490
Fax- 0612-
2233838 /
Shri Apurva Kumar Singh Assistant Director (N) 9971402988
25. Raipur Shri Manoj Kumar Sonone Assistant Director (N) & RNU Head 09890004724
0771 – 2284150
26. Ranchi Sh. Diwakar Kumar News Editor & RNU Head 9431102799
0651- 2283139
27. Shillong Shri Pofale Sarang Bhanudas Deputy Director (N) & Head of RNU 9545282216
3642580086 &
28. Shimla Ms. Nandini Mital Deputy Director & Head of RNU 9418000038
0177- 2803234
29. Srinagar Qazi Mohd. Salman Ibrahim Joint Director & RNU Head 09419000640
Sh. Shabir Ahmad Dar News Editor 09419791008
Shri Sheikh Mudasir Amin News Editor 09419043728
30. Thiruvanantha puram Shri Ajay Joy Deputy Director (News) & RNU Head 09447019773
Fax-0471- 2730279
Shri M Muhsin News Editor 9400495335
Shri Ramya Raveendran News Editor 9968921249
Shri K Anoop Sagar News Editor 9048440777
31. Vijayawada Dr. G Kondala Rao Deputy Director & RNU Head 09440112865