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Tender Awarded 

Supplies/Works Awarded to Date of Award Amount Basis of Award Reference No.
MOEI and fans for Doordarshan at Bengaluru for the year 2024-25 S.H: Providing services of Wireman (From 01.07.2024 to 31.03.2025) M/S RSR Enterprises 21-06-2024 EE(E)/BNG/DB/5(1)/2024-25/685 Dated 21-06-2024
Upgradation Renovation of S-8, S-9 Yoga Hall and vacant area at 3rd floor near lift at admin block, IIMC, New Delhi M/S Vaibhav Constructions 13-06-2024 1(01)SBPD/W/DCD-II/2024-25/454-461 Dated 13-06-2024
MOEI and fans for Akashvani at Bengaluru for the year 2024-25. S.H: Providing services of Wireman and Khalasi . (From 01.06.2024 to 31.03.2025) M/S RSR Enterprises 21-06-2024 EE(E)/BNG/DB/5(1)/2024-25/684 Dated 21-06-2024
Supplying and laying of service connection cable for Pumps control panel from Switch gear room i/c earthing at A.I.R, Dharwad- reg M/S Ramakrishna Electricals 19-06-2024 AE(E)/BNG/W-7/2024-25/25 Dated 19-06-2024
SITC of open well submersible pump along with pipe, pump control panel, service connection cable for sump at Akashvani, Madikeri-reg M/s Ramakrishna Electrical 13-06-2024
New 10KW FM Transmitter Project at DDK site Shivamogga SH: Re-wiring of Transmitter building with copper conductor i/c replacement of MCB DBs, Replacement of existing Switches and Sockets with Modular type i/c Modular boxes, Providing LED Luminaires and Retrofitting of conventional fluorescent tubes with LED tubes, Providing LED Flood Lights and Street lights, focus lights for Name board near Gate and cable M/s Ramakrishna Electrical 13-06-2024 EE(E)/BNG/DB/4(7)/2024-25/660 Dated 13-06-2024
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of HT Load Break Switches at HPT Namboor, AIR Vijaywada [A.P] M/S RSR Enterprises 04-06-2024 EE(E)/BNG/DB/5(8)/2024-25/629 Dated 04-06-2024
ARMO Electricals works at NFDC-NFAI Pune for 2023-24 (PH-II) Replacing of Dehumidifier coil for 8A & Vault Coil for 5A at Color Film Vault M/S Voltas Limited 17-05-2024 PES/14/Award/2024-25/22 Dated 17-05-2024
MOEI and fans for AIR at Hyderabad for the year 2024-25. S.H: Providing services of Wireman. (From 01.06.2024 to 31.03.2025)-reg. M/s Mythry Electricals 27-05-2024 EE(E)/BNG/DB/5(7)/2024-25/617 Dated 27-05-2024
Setting up of 10 KW FM Akashvani transmitter at DD, HPT Jagdalpur(C.G)(SH: Rewiring of transmitter building, early Fire Alarm system, repair/ replacement of street lighting system) M/S Vishal Contract Works 10/05/2024 EEE/CCW/NGP/AC/Setting up 10 KW..HPT Jagdalpur/2024-25/68 Dated 10-05-2024
Repairing the damaged and fallen granite cladding in the corridors of Akashvani Bhawan New Delhi Sh. Mandeep Choudhary 09/05/2024 AE(C)AKB/Tender(Award)/2024-25/21-25
Providing and fixing false ceiling with fully perforated gypsum board tiles in Admin, PA to DDG (Engg) & DDO rooms at DDK, Sector-37 B Chandigarh Sh. Sanjay Kumar 06/05/2024 (15)Award/2024-25/62-67
Cleaning of Sewerage Lines at DDK Complex and Staff Colony Jalandhar M/S G.L Chauhan 01/05/2024 AE(C)-II/CHD/AL-CL/2024-25/17-21
Internal Painting of Rooms in Office Block at DDK Jalandhar M/S G.L Chauhan 01/05/2024 AE(C)-II/CHD/AL-CL/2024-25/22-26
Services for revamp of ‘DD India’ by upgradation of technical and editorial competence to the best of international practices for the coverage of G-20 in India M/s Feature Story News 03/05/2023 USD 3,050,000 + GST @18% STE/Nomination 868218/2023/PROG.WING