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Parliament Proceedings


  1. Three versions of the Lok Sabha Debates are prepared, viz., a Hindi Version, an English Version and an Original Version. Out of these, Hindi and English versions, are printed and distributed among the members and others. The Original Version is kept in the Parliament Library, suitably bound, for purposes of record and reference only.
  2. The Original Version contains proceedings in English and Hindi as they actually take place in the House. It also contains English/Hindi translation of speeches made in regional languages.
  3. The Hindi Version comprises all Questions asked and Answers thereto given in Hindi and the speeches made in Hindi besides the verbatim translation into Hindi of all Questions asked and Answers thereto given in English and the speeches made in English or in a regional language. Supplementaries asked on Questions or speeches delivered in Urdu appear in Devnagiri script in the printed Hindi Version of debates.
  4. The English Version contains Lok Sabha proceedings in English and English translation of the proceedings which take place in Hindi or in any regional language.


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