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Livestreaming Services

At present, there are 17 AIR channels which are being live streamed through AIR website and mobile app “All India Radio Live” available on Android and iOS platforms. These 17 are channels are as follows:

Channels Being Livestreamed

Vividh Bharati
FM Gold
FM Rainbow
AIR Urdu
AIR Gujarati
AIR Marathi
AIR Punjabi
AIR Malayalam
AIR Tamil
AIR Telugu
AIR Kannada
AIR Bangla
AIR Odia
Radio Kashmir
AIR Assamese
North Eastern Service


Now all these 17 All India Radio channels are also available for Alexa users Worldwide across India, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada through voice-controlled speakers.

All you need is to say the following and Alexa enabled speakers shall play the corresponding LIVE broadcast station.


Alexa Commands
Alexa Open All India Radio Vividh Bharati
Alexa Open All India Radio FM Gold
Alexa Open All India Radio Kannada
Alexa Open All India Radio Kashmir
Alexa Open all India Radio Raagam