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National Academy of Broadcasting and Multimedia

(An apex training institution of Prasar Bharati)

National Academy of Broadcasting and Multimedia, the apex in-house training institution of Prasar Bharati, was established in 1948. Previously known as Staff Training Institute (Technical), NABM primarily caters to the training needs of personnel of All India Radio & Doordarshan. With its headquarters and a comprehensively equipped academy in Delhi, NABM also has three regional academies in Bhubaneshwar (Odisha), Shillong (Meghalaya) & Mumbai (Maharashtra) to cater to the regional training requirements.

Functions of NABM:-

The academy conducts about 120 courses every year and trains around 1,600 engineering personnel. Officials from broadcasting organisations of neighbouring countries are also invited as participants in academy’s training programmes.

Primary functions of NABM are:-

  • To train raw recruits in broadcasting technology.
  • To upgrade skills of personnel in tune with emerging technologies.
  • To issue training related guidelines and content
  • To assist the staff in their career growth

Apart from the primary functions, the academy has the responsibility to carry out the following activities:

  • Conducting Departmental Competitive Examinations
  • Conducting Direct Recruitment Examinations
  • Preparing and updating Technical Manuals
  • Preparing Safety Manuals
  • Preparation of Technical Monographs
  • Publication of Newsletter
S. NO Name/Designation Email Academic Background Professional Experience Specialisation
1 Ms . Anuradha Agarwal, Additional Director General (Training) B.Tech (E&C)-IIT Roorkee, M.Tech (Comp. Sci.)- IIT Roorkee 1986 batch officer from Indian Engineering Services. She has over 33 years of experience in both Radio and Television Broadcasting including Research & Development besides heading Technical wing in PB Secretariat Technology Innovation in the field of Broadcasting
2 Shri. RK Joshi, Deputy Director General
3 Shri. Prakash Veer, Deputy Director General (Engg.) B.Tech (E&C)-IIT Roorkee, M.Tech (Electrical)- IIT Kanpur, MBA (Marketing) 1989 batch officer from Indian Engineering Services. Has 30 years of experience in Various fields in Doordarshan and Prasar Bharati Sect. Communication Systems, TV Transmitters
4 Shri.Ravinder Kumar
Deputy Director(E) AMIE in Electronics & Communication Terrestrial TV (Analog & DTT)Broadcasting and Satellite TV Broadcasting), Project planning and implementation. Antenna system. RF Feeder cables. Towers, Baseband equipments. DSNG, Satellite Earth Station etc. More than 34 Years of experience in Doordarshan network
5 Shri. Sandeep Srivastava, Director (Engg.) B.E. (Electronics & Telecom) from MMMEC,Gorakhpur, M.Tech (Communication) from REC, Kurukshetra, MBA (Operational Research) from IGNOU . An IB(E)S officer of 1998 batch, having experience in Studio Automation, IT and Social Media related topics. He has worked as HOO/ HOE at AIR, Guwahati and AIR, Shimla . Worked in Delhi at P&D unit, IT Division DG:AIR, and R&D Unit. Studio Automation System, FM transmitters ,Information Technology , Social Media
6 Shri. Sukhjeet Singh , Dy. Director (Engg.) B.E. Electrical Worked mostly in Doordarshan Kendras and having all experience in Studio & OBs set-up of Doordarshan. Doordarshan T.V Studio , OBs. and vigilance

Training Calendar

Technical Training Calendar

Summer Training Programme for Engineering Students (10-06-2024 to 05-07-2024)

Training Calendar 2023-24

Training Calendar 2022-23

Training 2022





Program Training Calender




Training Activities

  • Induction & Refresher Courses
    1. In house training is imparted to the newly recruited technical staff as well as existing personnel on achieving the next rank.
  • Equipment Oriented Courses
    1. Medium Wave/Short Wave/FM Sound Transmitters
    2. Air-conditioning in transmitter and studio complexes
    3. Low Power/High Power TV Transmitters
    4. Hard Disc Based Audio Work Stations
    5. Digital TV studio production equipments
    6. Non-linear Editing & 3-D Graphics Systems
    7. TVRO Systems, Captive Earth Stations, DSNG, DTH
    8. Studio – Transmitter Links
    9. HDTV
  • Skill Up gradation Courses
    1. OB Management
    2. Surface Mount Technologies and Repairs there of
  • Refresher Courses
    1. Audio/Video Digital/Analogue Measurements
    2. Lighting for TV studios
    3. Lineup of Radio/TV Studio and Transmitter Chains
    4. Programme Production Techniques
    5. Video recording Techniques
    6. Video display systems
    7. Management Courses
    8. Technology Updates and appreciation for Generalist professionals
    9. Network management systems for distribution of television channels
    10. Station management
    11. Energy management in Broadcasting
    12. Management Courses for Senior Technical Personnel in collaboration with premium management institutes
    13. Modern Broadcasting Technologies
    14. Satellite Communications
    15. Optical Fiber Technologies
    16. Digital Archiving of Program content and its Management
    17. Digital Technology in Broadcasting
    18. Digital Terrestrial Transmission including DRM
    19. Digital Audio/Video compression standards
    20. Digital measurements
    21. Modern Communication Networks
    22. IT Related Courses
    23. Computer Hardware/Servers.
    24. Networking and Server Administration
  • Training courses as per specific requirement
  • Tailor-made courses on Audio Systems
    1. Public Address, Radio Transmitters
    2. TV Studio Equipment etc.for the Indian as well as foreign participants

NABM Departmental Exams

1-Examination for promotion of Helper to Technician

Date of Exam Syllabus Model Question Paper Notifications
25-08-2019 Syllabus Sample Paper Part I
Sample Paper Part II
Notification No. NABM/Deptt Exam/Helper/2018, 24/05/2019[DOWNLOAD]


2- Examination for promotion of Senior Engineering Assistant to Assistant Engineer

Date of Exam Syllabus Model Question Paper Notifications
Syllabus Sample Paper Part-1
Sample Paper Part-2
Sample Paper Part-3
Competitive Examination for the promotion of Senior Engineering Assistants to the grade of Assistant Engineers against 2009-10 to 2017-18 vacancies
Notification No. NABM/Deptt Exam/SEA-AE/2017, 17/11/2017[DOWNLOAD]


  • 135 single/double rooms including 24 deluxe air-conditioned rooms
  • A fully air-conditioned dining hall with a capacity of 64 members
  • A kitchen with modern cooking facilities
  • Recreational facilities with indoor games, TV, newspaper, etc
  • Health Club
  • Internet Cafe


National Academy of Broadcasting and Multimedia
(Earlier Staff Training Institute, Delhi)


S.No Contact/email Tel No Fax No
1 Ms . Anuradha Agarwal, 011-27606128 011-27607185
2 Mr. Prakash Veer, 011-27603909 011-27603909
3 DDG(Programme) 011-27606908 011-27606908
4 EPABX 011-27606566, 27606567, 27601565, 27604794, 27602994, 27606889 011-27608414
5 Hostel 011-27603391, 011-27658311
Engg. Training: (for sending nominations)
Programme Training: