AIR Tenders

Sr No. Section/ Division NIT No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Last Date Download
251EngineeringAEC/BNG/ AC-5/ 2018-19/ARMO Regional office and staff quarters for EPFO at Bengaluru for the year 2019-20. SH-Maintenance of Horticulture including lawn by Providing of Gardener on casual basis for EPFO staff quarters incl2019-03-112019-03-19Download
252EngineeringAE(E/SRFTI II/2018-19/11/452MOEI Fans i/c street gate flood lighting RMO pump sets for ph I and II at SRFTI Kolkata for the year 2018-19 SH wiring for computer pt circuits power point and providing of electrical energy me2019-03-152019-03-25Download
253EngineeringAE(E/BNG/W-7/2019-20Extension-S/I/T/C/ of wet type Submersible pumpset with pipe and accessories for the new borewell in studio campus, service connection cable, con2019-04-242019-04-29Download
254EngineeringAE(E/BNG/W-1/2019-201. Providing service connection cable to Sentry post and replacement of SDB at Transmitter Complex at AIR Hoskote Bengaluru. 2. Replacement of Fluorescent tubes/Conventional PLL lamps with Retrofit 2019-04-302019-05-08Download
255EngineeringAE(E/BBSR/W-11/2019-20/16Engagement of contractual personnel for 03 (Three) months.2019-04-152019-04-24Download
256EngineeringAE(E/BBSR/W-10/2018-19/369CORRIGENDUM-Providing of 3 phase AC points for DTT Project HPTV Balasore2019-03-052019-03-11Download
257EngineeringAE(E/BBSR/W 10/2018-19/381Providing of 3 phase AC points for DTT Project HPTV Balasore2019-03-122019-03-18Download
258EngineeringAE(E/BBSR/W 10/2018-19/358Providing of 3 phase AC points for DTT Project HPTV Balasore 2019-02-192019-03-04Download
259EngineeringAE(E/BBSR/W 10/2018-19/357Replacement of Street Gate Compound lights with LED luminaires at AIR Transmitter Maneswar Sambalpore under Modernisation of AIR transmitter at Maneswar Sambalpore SH-IEI and LED light fittings2019-02-192019-02-27Download
260EngineeringAE(E)/CCW/AHM/NIQ/2018-19/56Shifting of PDB with its incoming cables outgoings and powerpoints in PCR 22019-02-122019-02-18Download
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