DD Circulars

Sr No. Wing Section Order No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Download
141ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministration8/2/3/2019-S(IV)/4743ADE / DDE Transfer order2019-12-13Download
142ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministration14/2/2019-S.I/706Relieving order of Floor Assistant (Order no. 26/2019-S.I)2019-12-12Download
143ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministration156/S.III/2019Office Order regarding Shri. Sanjeev Datta DD in Fin Div. of PB against Vacant post of IB P S Cadre2019-12-12Download
144ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministration9/3/2019-S.III(A)/793Corrigendum Office Order Re-deployment of Admin Group C Staff due to closure of DMCs LPTs2019-12-12Download
145ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministration155/2019/S.IIIReliving order in Respect of Shri.Rajesh Kumar Ojha DD Revenue2019-12-10Download
146ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministration9/3/2019-SII(A)/793Re-deployment of Admin Group C Staff due to closure of DMCs LPTs2019-12-06Download
147ADMINISTRATION WINGAdministration31031/3/2019/CashTraning of DDOs of Delhi and Mumbai for e-accounts Module of Centralized Accounting Software (CAS)2019-12-02Download
148FINANCE WINGFinance Wing20011/8/2019-BIAllocation of additional budget to 68 Kendras2019-12-02Download
149FINANCE WINGFinance Wing8/4/2019-S.IV/4636AE Transfer Order2019-11-29Download
150ENGINEERING WINGTechnicalDTH/95/2019/PVIINew LCN for 07 Regional DD Channel on DD Free Dish2019-11-27Download

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