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The art of vocal duets in Carnatic music concerts reached a new glory not experienced earlier when the Alathur Brothers burst on the scene in the early 30s of the last century. Alathur V. SivasubramanyaIyer and Alathur S. SrinivasaIyer were not real brothers but musical talent united them. SivasubramanyaIyer, nicknamed as Subbu, was the younger of the duo. He was born in 1916 as the son of AlathurVenkatesaIyer,who belonged to the lineage of disciples of Thyagaraja. Alathur Brothers made known to the music world their genius in their disciplined and evocative rendering of great compositions and in their effortless handling of complicated Pallavis. They won laurels from the discerning public, who greatly appreciated the duos laya skill in Pallavi expositions without disregarding the aesthetics. Sarasuda 505 Emani ne 1232 Kanta judumi 1125 Dachukovalena 2934


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