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One of the greatest vocalists of the 20th century, Ustad Amir Khan dominated the contemporary musical scene. He evolved a unique style of Khayal singing called the Indore Gayaki by blending the spiritual flavour and grandeur of Dhrupad with ornate vividness of Khayal. In keeping with his contemplative temperament, he used ativilambit (ultra slow) laya in his favourite 14-beat cycle Jhoomra Tala. In fast singing he rendered proliferating sargams, lively and flowing akar tanas covering wide range, sometimes up to three octaves. Amir Khan Sahibs tarana was not merely a display of virtuosity but to project the Sufi thought that laid stress on word rather than the melody acrobatics. Raag: Ramkali 1450 Raag: Deshkar 1450 Raag: Jansamohani 1730 Raag: Shahana 1450 Raag: Ghandharav Rati Bhairav


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