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About Free Dish

DD Free Dish DTH service is owned and operated by Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati. It was launched in December, 2004. DD Free Dish is the only Free-to-Air (FTA) Direct-To-Home (DTH) Service where there is no monthly subscription fee from the viewers. It is very affordable for all as it requires only a small one time investment of about Rs. 2000/- for purchasing of Set-to-Box (STB) and small sized Dish Antenna with accessories. The unique free to air model has made DD Free Dish the largest DTH platform.

Amendment -1 to the e-Auction Methodology as approved by Prasar Bharati Board on 13.12.2023
E-auction Methodology/ for Allotment of Slots on DD Free Dish Platform to Private Satellite TV channels had been Notified on 27.01.2023
Prescribed procedure for allotment/change of LCN of private TV channels on DD Free Dish



Notice inviting applications for allotment of vacant MPEG-2 slots of DD Free Dish Platform for the period from 01.04.2024 to 31.03.2025 through 6th annual e-auction (75th e-auction) process.

Genre wise list of channels available on DD Free Dish

DD Free Dish LCN Line up



DD Free Dish Helpline

1800114554(Toll Free)
011-25806200 (from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM)

Frequently asked questions on DD Free Dish

Ans. DD Free Dish is India’s first and one and only Free-to-Air (FTA) Direct-To-Home (DTH) Service from Prasar Bharati.

Ans. Normally all over the world DTH operators charge activation charges as well as monthly subscription charges depending upon the channels/Bouquet to be viewed by subscriber. DD Free Dish is a unique Free-to-Air (FTA) DTH platform in which the subscriber is not charged any activation and monthly subscription charges.

Ans. DD Free Dish is an approved scheme of the Government of India being implemented through Prasar Bharati. The Cabinet approval of the scheme was obtained on 19.11.2003. DD Free Dish service was formally inaugurated by Honourable Prime Minister of India on 16.12.2004.

Ans. DD Free is available throughout the country except in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It reaches even to those places where Terrestrial or cable TV is not available like border, remote & tribal areas.

A separate 10 channel DTH service in C-Band has been provided by Prasar Bharati exclusively for Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which is also Free- To-Air.

As per 2023 Market estimates more than 4.50 Crore Household watch DD Free Dish

Ans. DD Free Dish ensures excellent Picture Quality for all the channels in the bouquet. There is no intermediary as one gets the signals directly from the broadcasters. There are no recurring charges to be paid by subscribers to view any of the programs. Unlike other private DTH operators, DD Free Dish is free for life time and does not charge any monthly or annual subscription fee from the viewers for complete bouquet including HD Channels of the DD Free Dish channels. To view channels of DD Free Dish platform, you have to buy a DD Free Dish Set Top Box and dish with accessories which can be got from open market .The complete set may be approx Rs. 2000/- depending on the type of Set-Top-Box. The complete DD Free Dish Receive System consists of a Set-Top-Box, small sized Dish Antenna LNBC, RF cable and other accessories.

Ans. Yes, the DD Free Dish signal is made available through satellite and doesn’t require any tower or cable for its distribution.

Ans. DD Free Dish bouquet has a rich bouquet of Doordarshan TV channels, Private TV Channels in various Genres including GEC, Movies, Music, Sports, News & Current affairs, Devotional / Spritual / Ayush etc. in diverse Indian Languages and English plus Educational channels and Radio channels of All India Radio.

Ans. Most of the TVs have multiple AV or HDMI input mode. Cable connection can be viewed in one AV or HDMI input mode and DTH channels can be viewed in another AV or HDMI input Mode by choosing the AV option from the remote of your TV set. DTH channels can be changed using TV STB remote control.

Ans. DD Free Dish platform is free and viewers are not required to pay to view any channels of DD Free Dish platform including private TV channels. The channels available in the bouquet can be received once the receive equipment is installed.

Ans. Yes, one can carry the equipment anywhere in India and continue to enjoy DD Free Dish after installing the dish at the new location through a local installer.

Ans. Though provision exists to take care that the signal remains strong during rains/snowfall, yet heavy rains may result into temporary outage in the DTH signal.

Ans. Dish can be installed on the rooftop or on the wall surface facing clear south. Viewers can take help of local installers who do installations on chargeable basis

Ans. Yes, at present there are 48 Radio channels available in the bouquet

Ans. No. Prasar Bharati does not market any DD Free Dish STB directly. DD Free Dish STB and associated equipment is readily available in any local open market. These are also available all the major online e- market platform.

Ans. It is clarified that no subscription fee is required to be paid to anybody for receiving the DD Free Dish signal. The service is totally free and the only expenditure involved is on one time purchase of Receive Equipment, which is available in the open market on nominal cost.

Ans. The indicative price of a Receive System (consisting of Set Top Box, Dish Antenna, LNB , cable and other associated accessories) may be less than Rs.2000.It may however vary with the make of equipment and will also depend upon the local taxes/prevailing custom duty, etc.

Ans. The receive equipment of DD free Dish contains following equipment/accessories:
i) Dish Antenna
ii) Set-Top-Box with remote
iii) RF Cable (to connect Set-Top-Box and Dish Antenna)

Ans. Detailed procedure for installation is given in the website. However, it is advisable to take the help of skilled technical person for the installation of the system.

Ans. DD Free Dish bouquet has a rich mix of Doordarshan TV Channels, Parliament TV channels, Private TV Channels and Educational TV channels. Popular General Entertainment, News, Music, Movies Devotional Regional TV Channels are part of the Private TV channel bouquet. In addition, there are 48 radio channels of Akashvani. The details of the channel list presently on DD Free Dish is available on the website,

Ans. In FTA STBs the change in program (TV channel) is detected but the change of name of channel is not stored automatically. In such cases, the required change of information can be stored by re-scanning the STB.

Ans: The procedure to update the changes in program name varies from make to make of STBs. Follow the procedure mentioned in the installation manual supplied along-with the STB. However, as broad guidelines the steps involved are as indicated in the example given hereunder:


Following are the steps to be followed to scan or search the channels on DD Free Dish DTH

Press ‘Menu’ Button on Remote of DD Free Dish Set-Top-Box
Go to ‘Installation’ or ‘Setup Programme’
Fill the details as below

‘Satellite’ GSAT- 15
‘T P 


11090 MHz


09750 MHz
‘Symbol rate’ 2

9500 Ksps

‘Polarization’ V
‘Search mode’ FTA
‘Disc. Equal’. Off


After filling the above values go to ‘Search’ Press ‘OK’

The new TV and Radio services will be displayed.

For other frequencies and related parameters refer to table below.

Note:-The above-mentioned steps may be in different order in some of the STBs. In case there is any difficulty, viewers are advised to contact the nearest STB dealer.
The different transponder frequency, LNB frequency, symbol rate etc. required to tune to the STBs for all the channels available in the DD Free Dish are summarized as below: –



No. Transponder Frequency (MHz) Polarization  Symbol Rate (Ksps) FEC  LNB Frequency (MHz) 22K Disc. Equal 
1. 11090  29500  3/4 09750 OFF OFF
2. 11170  29500  3/4 09750 OFF OFF
3. 11470  29500  3/4 10600 OFF OFF
4. 11510  29500  3/4 10600 OFF OFF
5. 11550  29500  3/4 10600 OFF OFF
6. 11630  V 30000 3/5 10600 OFF OFF
7. 11550  29500  3/4 10600 OFF OFF
8. 11670  29500  3/4 10600 OFF OFF
9. 11590  29500  3/4 10600 OFF OFF

Ans. The procedure to delete TV Channel programme in the TV channel list varies from
make to make of STBs. Follow the procedure mentioned in the installation manual supplied
along-with the STB.

Following are the steps to be followed to delete channels in TV channel list.

Go to ‘Edit Programme’

Select- ‘Delete Option’

Select the channel, using up down key.

Press ‘OK’

Please Note: Some low cost Set Top Boxes having limited storage capacity may not store all
the channels, so viewers having such boxes are advised to delete the pre-stored channels
using “Delete Option” in “Edit Programme Menu” before going for AUTO SCAN Option for
returning their Set Top Boxes. For Manual/Auto scan is required to select FREE/FTA
channels only.

Ans: Prasar Bharati allots slot on DD Free Dish toprivate TV channels through a competitive
and transparent process of e-auction on annual basis.

Any private TV channel,permitted by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, may participate in the e-auction allotment process and submit bid to get a slot allotted for carrying the channel on DD Free Dish. The allotment is done for one year at a time.

Hence, only private TV channels which participate in bidding process remain successful bidders are shown on DD Free Dish. Kids, sports, Bengali &Tamil or any other channel which are permitted from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting , Govt of India are free to participate in auction to come on DD Free Dish.

Ans: This facility is presently not available in DD Free Dish. The updated channels list remains available on website

Ans:MPEG-4, as at very nominal cost difference you will get host of advantages. MPEG-4 STB not only receives all the FTA channels available on MPEG-2 STB but in addition it will also receive Channels available on MPEG-4. There are HD channels already available on MPEG-4 STB giving much better quality of reception. In future also there is possibility of enhancing channels available on MPEG-4. Also there are various Educational channels available on MPEG-4 STB which also are expected to increase.