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Besides the classical orchestra of Indian origin, a limited orchestra accompanies the conventional Kathakali dance performance, where a song presented alongside two or three percussion instruments lends an amazing effect to the performance. This manner of orchestral usage was ingeniously oriented by Pt. Uday Shankar (Pt. Ravi Shankars brother) to evolve a new kind of orchestra in order to make his solo and ballet dances more impacted. Swagatam : Emani Sankara Sastry 516 Gramotsava : T.K. Jayarama Iyer 707 Gauri : Emani Sankara Sastry 914 Dhanyasi : T.K. Jayarama Iyer 844 Hamsanaadam : Emani Sankara Sastry 856 Vagadeeshwari : T.K. Jayarama Iyer 353 Ram-Dhun : Emani Sankara Sastry 202 Vaishnava Jano To : Emani Sankara Sastry 209 Malaya Marutam : T.K. Jayarama Iyer 653


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