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ORCHESTRAL COMPOSITIONS VOL-5 Tracing the development of Indian orchestra, one finds that with the passage of time, Indian orchestra had slowly shifted from the classical arena which became more and more oriented towards solo performance, to devotional and folk music, Vadya Mela of South Indian temples especially Panch Vadya of Kerela temples, which are in vogue even today stand testimony to this. Saama S.Gopalakrishna. 926 Prashant Mala M.Y. Kama Sastry 739 Navneetam S.Gopalakrishna 635 Parivartan – M.Y. Kama Sastry 524 Hamsadhwani – S.Gopalakrishna 851 Madhuwanti – M.Y. Kama Sastry 653 Varsha Ke Megh S.Gopalakrishna 913 Hemant – M.Y. Kama Sastry 527


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