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AIR Archives

(a) Digital Sound Archives/Library

The Digital Sound Archives is a rich repository of priceless recordings/autobiographies of eminent personalities, freedom fighters, national leaders such as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Sh. J.R.D Tata, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Sh. Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Dr. VergheseKurien. Apart from this, rare music recordings, dramas, features, documentaries and lectures are preserved in the library.

(b) Programme Exchange Unit

Programme Exchange Library circulates radio programmes like serials, features, community songs, dramas and monthly chain plays among the AIR stations spread across the country.

(c) Transcription Service

This unit transcribes and preserve the recording of speeches delivered by the Presidents & Prime Ministers.

(d) Refurbishing Unit

This unit takes care of enhancing the audio quality of the archival value recordingsof AIR& DD available in Central Archives.

(e) Commercial Releases & Marketing

Audio assets such as speeches, features, documentaries etc are available for sale on commercial and non-commercial basis along with licenses. The Policy/Rate Card for obtaining the sound recordings/licenses is available at the following links:

—-Policy/Rate Card——

This unit is has released many ACD/DVD titles out of its rich archives. The releases are available online for sale through and

(f) Social Media Cell

Central Archives publishes media content of AIR & DD of public interest on OTT/Social Media platforms namely YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

—— Social Media Handles of Central Archives



DD Archives

 (a) Video Library/Archives

Video Library of Central archives is a content rich library and a central repository of tapes received from various DD Kendras across PrasarBharati network. Library acts as the core of archiving activities in the setup.It has huge collection of variety of tapes in the legacy analogue and new digital format.

(b) Digitization and Archiving

Analogue media contents generated by DD Kendras are digitised and preserved in Media Assets Management (MAM) System. Born digital content is being archived in the directly in the MAM system.

(c) Library Information system

An online library information system has been deployed for searching/cataloguing of media assets available in various programme libraries of AIR Stations and Doordarshan network.

(d) Cleaning and restoration of legacy media

Legacy tapes are thoroughly checked for any kind of damage. They are cleaned and the content is restored if the need arises before digitisation.

(e) Prepackaging/ repurposing

Digitized archival content iscurated/repackaged for broadcast purposes by DD Kendras. The archival content of public interest is also repackaged for OTT/Social Media platforms.

(f) Programme Exchange

For the purpose of exchanging programmes among Doordarshan Kendras, a pool of selected programmes has been maintained in Central Archives. This content is frequently used for exchange among DD Kendras for telecast purpose.

(g) Footage Sale

Media assets are available for sale on commercial and non-commercial basis along with licenses. The procedure/Rate Card for obtaining the video recordings/licenses is available at following link:

—-Application form/Rate Card for obtaining license/AV footage——-