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Right To Information

Information to be disclosed under Section 4(1)(b) of RTI Act

Particulars Of Organisation

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Name & Address Directorate General All India Radio Akashvani Bhawan New Delhi-110001
Head Of Organisation Shri F. Sheheryar Director General All India Radio
Key Objectives Please refer to Annexure VI View info
Functions & Duties The main functions of AIR is to plan produce and broadcast programmes to listeners all over the country. These broadcasts include a good deal of entertainment informative and educative programmes intended to aid development along with news and current affairs. The programmes put out by AIR stations can be divided as follows : News and programmes of nation-wide interest broadcast from Delhi; Regional Services from individual stations each catering to the needs and interests of their respective areas; Local Radio Service; Programmes for listeners in foreign countries; Commercial Broadcasting Service
Organisational Chart Refer To Annexure I View info



Powers & Duties of Its Officers And Employees

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Powers & duties of officers Refer To Annexure II View Info
Powers & duties of other employees To Be Added
Rules/orders are derived and exercised AIR follows the rules regulations and instructions issued by Govt. of India



Procedures Followed In Decision Making

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Process and channel for decision making (decision making char/flow chart) Refer Annexure I View info
Final decision making authority Prasar Bharati Board
Process for decision making Refer Annexure I View info



Norms For Discharge Of Functions

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Nature of functions/ services offered Refer Annexure III View info
Norms/standards for functions/ service delivery Refer Annexure III View info
Process by which these services can be assessed Refer Annexure III View info
Time-limits for achieving the targets Refer Annexure III View info
Process of redressal of grievance Grievance Redressal and Access Mechanism have been functioning in accordance with the guidelines of Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievance and monitored through the Centralized Public Grievances Redressal and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS). All the public grievances and pension redressal petitions are being attended to promptly and disposed of without much delay. monthly status reports on disposal of Grievances are being submitted to the Ministry of Information And Broadcasting.



Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and record for discharging functions

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The Act/Rules/ manuals etc. office memorandum etc. Please refer to proactive disclosure V: 2 3 4 5 on Prasar Bharati website View info



Categories of documents held by the authority under its control

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Title of the documents Reports and Returns; RTI matters; Administrative Service matters and decision on same; Parliament Questions; Court Cases
Category of documents As Above



Particulars for any arrangement for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of policy of implementation thereof

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Relevant rule – circular etc. for consultation 1. AIR stations are encouraged for public interaction with member of the public through various fora including advisory committees attached to programming activities. – 2. AIR stations have Programme Advisory Committees comprising of the Chairman who is the Station Director non-official members drawn from varied fields of arts science and literature representing all sections of society to advise on its programme conceptualisation planning and production of programmes through new ideas and feedback. – 3. Member of the public are involved in various Evaluation and Selection Committees related to Programme Production and Outsourcing.
Days or time specified for visitors Same As Above



Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies constituted as part of the Public Authority functioning

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Names of the Boards – Councils – Committees etc. Programme Advisory Committee



Directory of Officers and employees

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Name designation and Division Refer To The Link View info



Monthly remuneration received by officers; employees including system of compensation.

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Name; Designation of the employee N/A
Monthly remuneration N/A
System of compensation as provided by in its regulations N/A



Budget allocated to each agency including all plans, proposed expenditure and reports on disbursement made etc.

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Details of budget in simple form which can be easily understood by the non-professional and layman View info



Manner of execution of subsidy programmes

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Name of the programmes or activities N/A
Objectivities of the programmes N/A
Procedure to avail benefits N/A
Duration of the programme/scheme N/A
Physical and financial targets of the programme N/A
Nature/scale of subsidy amount N/A



Particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information

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Name & location of the facility Computerized Information and Facilitation Counter (IFC) Information Facilitation Counter; Ground Floor; Akashvani Bhawan; Parliament Street; New Delhi-110001 N/A
The address and location of the facility and the contact details Shri J.K. Saini; Reception Associate; Phone No.23467318 N/A
Working hours of the facility and the details of information made available 9.30 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. N/A
Fee/charges to get the copies of the documents Rs.2/- per page N/A
Facility for inspecting the documents which are not available electronically should also be provided N/A



The Name, designation and other particulars of the PIOs

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Name & Designation of PIOs and Appellate Authority N/A
Their Contact details-phone number & E-mail N/A
Subject matter within their jurisdiction N/A
Details of Nodal Officer N/A
Details of link PIO and first AA N/A



Such other information as may be prescribed under Section 4 (1)(b)

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Annual Report N/A
Annual Returns N/A
Citizen’s charter of the public authority Being a National Public Service Broadcaster N/A
All India Radio (AIR) is committed to empower all types of the masses/citizens by disseminating information and programme on education and entertainment by having strong electronic Radio broadcast media using state of the art technology. N/A
Grievance Redressal mechanism N/A
List of completed schemes/projects/ programmes N/A
Success of stories N/A



Information related to procurement

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Tender Notices/Enquiries corrigenda thereon N/A
Details of bid awards; detailing the name of the supplier of goods/ services being procured or work contract N/A
Rate and total amount at which such procurement or work contracts were awarded N/A



Transfer Policy and Transfer Orders

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Transfer policy for different Grades/ Cadres N/A
Transfer orders N/A



RTI Application

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RTI applications and appeals received and their responses (except relating to personal information) N/A
Loaded on the websites
search facility based on keywords N/A