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RTI Order-2022

Section Order No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On Download
RTI ADGE(A)WZ/Zonal/RTI/2022-23 Office Order 24-05-2023
RTI  89/2023-PPC Office Order  19-05-2023
RTI 72/2023-PPC  Office Order  28-04-2023
RTI M-01/001/60/2021-CGRC/113 Office Order 29-03-2023
RTI ADG(NZ)157536 Declaration of CPIO under North Zone(Corrigendum) 24-03-2023
RTI 50/2023-PPC Declaration of ADE RTI Cell PBS 21-03-2023
RTI DDN/10/877/2015-23/RTI/2180 Declaration of First Appellate Authority in DG:DD News 15-03-2023
RTI ADG(A)(NEZ)/01/HR/RTI-2023/1803 Declaration of CPIO under North East Zone 14-03-2023
RTI 45/2023-PPC Declaration of CAPIO, PBS 13-03-2023
RTI ADGE(A)/WZ/Zonal/RTI/2022-2023/2045 Declaration of  CPIO/FAA  under West Zone 08-03-2023
RTI  44/2023-PPC Declaration of Link officer CPIO  under DG:AIR 07-03-2023
RTI A-11019/11/2022-RTI Cell/117 Declaration of Link officer CPIO under DG:AIR 27-02-2023
RTI A-11019/11/2022-RTI Cell/109 Declaration of CPIO/FAA under DG:AIR 21-02-2023
RTI ADG(A)(SZ)/01/HR/RTI-2023 Declaration of CPIO AIR Tiruchi under South Zone 16-02-2023
RTI ADG(NZ)157535 Declaration of CPIO/FAA under North Zone 10-02-2023
RTI ADG(A)(SZ)/01/HR/RTI-2023 Declaration of CPIOs/ FAAs under South Zone 14-02-2023
RTI HR-18(8)/2022-S(RTI) Declaration of CPIOs/ FAAs under East Zone 02-02-2023
RTI 03/2023-RTI Designating CPIOs/CAPIOs and FAAs in respect of RTI matters 24-01-2023
RTI 2/2023-RTI Declaration of CPIO of Vigilance (AIR+DD+PBS) 16-01-2023
RTI 1/2023-RTI Declaration of First Appellate Authority of South Zone in respect of RTI matters 04-01-2023
RTI R-5/011/08/2021/RTI Declaration of First Appellate Authority of Vigilance Section 01-12-2022
PPC A-10011/29/2019-PPC(pt.) Office Memorandum- Matter related to declaration of FAA/CPIO/CAPIO/deemed PIO for PBS/DG:DD/DG:AIR shall be dealt by RTI cell PBS 13-10-2022
PPC 236/2022 Regarding work assignment/posting w.e.f.01.10.2022 01-10-2022
PPC 226/2022-PPC Declaration of Sh. Rajesh Babu, DDG (E) as CPIO of DG: AIR in place of Sh. Deepak Joshi, DDG(E). 22-09-2022
PPC 222/2022-PPC Office order in respect of work assignment/posting 12-09-2022
Vigilance 1-11011/03/2022-vig/1450 Office Order regarding Prasar Bharati Vigilance Wing to assist CPIO (Vigilance)AIR, DD, PBS in RTI Matters 12-09-2022
PPC 211/2022-PPC Declaration of FAA 31-08-2022
PPC 197/2022-PPC Declaration of CPIOs/CAPIOs/FAAs 12-08-2022
PPC  179/2022-PPC Declaration of CPIO FAA 25-07-2022
PPC  99/2022-PPC Integrated Procurement Cell (AIR & DD) Integrated Project Monitoring Cell (AIR & DD) 20-05-2022
PPC A-10011/10/2022-PPC Office Order No. 73/2022-PPC Work assignment of SAG and JAG level officers 21-04-2022
RTI A-10011/29/2019-PPC Office Memorandum to all the concerned sections of PBS and the common verticals are requested to comply the decision taken regarding status updated on RTI Matters in the 110th Meeting of the management committee on 8.12.2021 04-01-2022