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Shri Ashok Kumar Tandon
Part Time Member, Prasar Bharati

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Shri Ashok Kumar Tandon

Ashok Kumar Tandon is a veteran journalist, columnist, and political commentator with nearly 50 years experience in journalism, media relations and media academics.A post-graduate in Political Science from Delhi University he has worked in various positions including PTI Bureau Chief in London (1988-1995) and later as Diplomatic Editor , PTI in New Delhi (1996-98)

Tandon served in Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s PMO from 1998-2004 as incharge of Media Relations in the rank of Additional Secretary.

In 2004, he joined as Professor & Director, Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism & Communication , NOIDA Campus.

Tandon Prepared a TRAINING MODULE-2010 ON MEDIA MANAGEMENT FOR THE RCVP Noronha Academy of Administration & Management, Bhopal.

As Senior Professor with the Bhopal-based journalism university, Tandon was a member of its Academic Council and Executive Council. He was also co-convenor of a Core Group on Standardization of Media education in collaboration with the Press Council of India.

During his stint as PTI Bureau Chief in UK, Tandon was twice President of the Indian Journalists’ Association, Europe.

He was a member of the Press Council of India and a member of the Press Registration Appellate Board from 1985-88. He was an Executive Committee member of the Press Association.

Tandon is a member of the Editors’ Guild of India, Press Association and India International Centre.

Tandon’s professional assignments include: Defence Ministry’s war correspondent course at MHOW (M.P), Cochin and Jodhpur, 1981,The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) media workshop, Rome, 1990 ,Rockefeller Foundation Media workshop on population growth in South Asia, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1995, tour of the German elections in 1986, tour of the German Institutions in 1994, World Hindi Conference, London 1999 & Bhopal 2015, Human Empowerment Conference, Los Angeles, 2006, Ex-officio member, Indo-UK Round -Table 2002-2004 & Senior VicePresident, Antar Rashtriya Sahyog Parishad (ARSP). He also worked as media consultant with Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.

During his first term as a Part-time Member of the Prasar Bharati Board from November 2015- November 2019, Tandon was on various committees of the Board.

At present he is on the Supreme Court-mandated three-member Committee on Content Regulation in Government Advertising (CCRGA).

He is also a media consultant/advisor with MSME Ministry on contract basis.