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Devotional Music World Religions And Religious Philosophies Find Their Essential Features Reflected In Lord Jagannath. Spontaneous Devotional Strain, Ecstatic Outpouring Of Their Hearts And Complete Surrender As Depicted In Their Poems Have Made Odia Singers Adorable And Captivating. AIR Archives Feels Proud Of Airing Mellifluous Voices Of Those Immortal Celebrated Artistes Of Odisha Who Once Had Sung The Most Popular Soulful And Unique Bhajanas Five Decades Ago, Dedicated To Parambrahma Lord Jagannath, Titled As Shri Jagannath Bhajanavali. Nimain Charan Harichandan 1. Patitapabana Bana 2. Radhe Gobinda Bhaja Snehalata Praharaj 3. Satyabadi Gobinda Sinhari Shyamsundar Kar 4. Dinabandhaba Daitari Snehalata Praharaj 5. Dinabandhaba He Markandeya Mohapatra 6. Meghamalaku Ninde Kalaku 7. Aare Bhajamana Kalyani Bhattacharya 8. Ehi kathare Mo Mana Kashinath Pujapanda 9. Jaya Jaya Jagannath 10. Jaya Jagabandhu He


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