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T.Brinda & T.Mukta T. Brinda and T. Mukta, the famous singing duo of Carnatic music, were born into a family of court dancers of Tanjavur. Brinda showed exceptional musical talent as a child and at the age of nine her mother kamakshi took her to kanchipuram Nayana Pillai for training in Manodharma Sangitam, then regarded as a male preserve. After four years of Gurukulavasam, she returned home and began to acquire a vast repertoire of Padams and Javalis from her grandmother and aunts. Mukta joined her and in their long partnership of forty years they made a tremendous contribution to Carnatic music by popularising this genre in music concertsto the extent of becoming identified with it. Saveri 0457 Kambhoji 1058 Kapi 0527 Sahana 0857 Todi 1138 Khamas 0333 Begada 0634 Punnaga Varali 0846


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