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T. R. Mahalingam Carnatic Flute Tiruvidaimarudur Ramaswamy Mahalingam was a flautist who revolutionised the style of flute-playing in Carnatic music. He was the founder of the popular style of flute playing followed today by the Carnatic flautists. T.R. Mahalingam had breathe control that enabled him to blow any single note over 40 seconds. He introduced new fingering techniques and a grip on the flute that came to be known as the “parrot clutch or the cross-fingering style “, allowing greater control. Sarasija Nabha Varnam Kambhoji Khanda Ata Swati Tirunal Mivalla Kapi Khanda Chapu Tyagraja Thanam Pallavi Kalyani – Mishrachapu


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