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DD MP Channel was launched on 20 October, 1992 as 1 hour regional Channel along with other regional channels to promote the diverse and rich culture of Madhya Pradesh.
Subsequently it was made 04 hour regional channel and on 25.06.2013 it was converted into 24 hour regional channel.
DD MP Channel takes forward the vision of Doordarshan amongst the people of MP by providing healthy entertainment, credible information and quality education.
Mahakaushal, Malwa, Bundelkhand, Nimar and Chambal regions which constitutes the 5 main geographical regions of MP possess rich ethnic culture , traditions and glorious history.DD MP provides unique platform to the artist and common man alike from these regions to showcase their talent and thus providing the healthy entertainment and also helping to preserve the dying art forms.
Driving the societal change through its programmes on the issues like gender equality, Women & child health and skill development the channel aspires to bring out the behavioural and attitudinal change amongst the people of MP.
With News every hour during day time and presenting programmes on current affairs the channel strives to provide the credible news in balanced manner without sensationalizing the issues.

During its journey of more than 25 years DD MP has evolved into a TV channel of substance dedicated to its objectives of Public service broadcasting by bringing more innovative, live and interactive content.