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DD Urdu is a round-the-clock infotainment channel of the Doordarshan family. It was launched on 15 August, 2006 to preserve and promote the great cultural heritage of Urdu language & India.  Right from its inception, the channel has been spreading its aesthetic sweetness, It provides its viewers with profound content in Urdu language. Urdu has been a language of Heart beats across the boundaries and a blend, containing Hindi and colloquial dialects, thereby making it a Language of Every One. So, now, Urdu Admirers are the Proud Patrons of a Universal Language.

The channel produces a variety of shows related to dramas, film songs, talk shows with acclaimed personalities, national and international current affairs, sports, wellbeing, etc.  It also telecasts ‘Special Urdu Weekly Shows’ like Mushairas & Ghazals. Besides all these, the channel produces literature related shows for Urdu lovers. Famous Poets are always invited for weekly Mushaira shows.It records several entertainment programs in studios with prominent guests on various occasions of different Indian festivals.

DD Urdu caters remarkable shows for women, in which several affluent and leading women share their individual journey towards attaining success. The channel composes many documentaries on Urdu Literature, Urdu Poets & Poetry. DD Urdu has many vibrant and informative programs on Bollywood too. DD Urdu Channel has contributed immensely to the Urdu language and has something in store for every admirer of Urdu.